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Metal Lathe (Colchester Master)
Colchester Master Lathe 2022-02-11.jpg
Sub-category Metalworking
Status Good working order
Last updated 6 May 2022 13:36:38
Training requirement yes
Training link Lathe Training
ACnode yes
Owner LHS
Origin Donation
Location Metalworking Shop
Maintainers Machine Shop Team Liam Tim and Dean

This is a Colchester Master 3250 metal lathe, used for many kinds of turning operations on (mostly round) metal parts

The lathe is ACNode controlled and requires training. For information on the training process see Lathe Training

For some information on the current range of tooling and accessories, see Metal Lathe Accessories

A few house rules for using the lathe:

  • No wood (sawdust gets into all the moving parts, soaks up moisture and oil and then becomes quite abrasive)
  • No use of compressed air for cleaning (it sometimes drives chips past the chip guards and into the moving parts)

When you are finished with the lathe please ensure all chips are removed from the ways and carriage - first by brushing down with a brush, then hoovering using the nearby wet & dry vacuum, then finally wiping down with a rag

Metal Group -!forum/london-hackspace-metal-working-group

Useful Specs

Toolholder: Dickson S2

Parts List -