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The Teenage Mutant Ninja/Hero Turtles featured some wacky flavours of pizza and inspired by James at Cinemassacre here's a chance to try those pizzas

The Pizza Menu

Flavour Episode Timestamp
Pepperoni and Ice cream S01E01 6m04s
Jelly beans and Mushrooms S01E01 6m04s
Anchovies and Peanut Butter S01E01 6m04s
Sashimi S01E01 16m
Whipped Cream S01E01 16m
Bananas and Sausage S01E01 22m15s
Cornflakes S01E02 2m12s
Raisin Bran S01E02 2m12s
Choco Puffs S01E02 2m12s
Peanut Butter and Jelly S02E01 1m15s
Chocolate Chips and Caramel Fudge S02E01 1m15s
Anchovy S02E02 16m20s
"Everything but Green Veggies" S02E03 21m
Anchovies and Gazay leaves (fictional plant) S02E07 21m25s
Granola and Liquorice S03E01 1m20s
Peanut Butter and Pickle S03E01 1m20s
Ice-cream S03E03 21m12s
Vanilla (ice-cream?) Meatballs S03E03 21m12s
Anchovy and Butterscotch S03E03 21m12s
Chocolate Fudge with Extra Garlic S03E03 21m12s
Chocolate Sprinkles S03E04 1m20s
Tofu and Shrimp S03E07 2m04s
Anchovy and Chocolate Fudge S03E07 3m30s
Anchovy and Hot Fudge S03E08 12m48
Marshmallow and Pepperoni S03E11 02m20s
Deep dish Oatmeal with Grapefruit S03E13 2m49s
Peanut Butter and Clams S03E21 06m45s
Chocolate chilli S03E21 16m38s
Pickle and Ice Cream S03E26 07m35s
Whole Wheat with Cheese S03E26 07m58s
Crunchy Peanut Butter and Avocado with Extra Pickles S03E26 10m17s
Pickled Herring and Caramel Fudge S03E27 10m00s
Lotus S03E28 21m38s
Butterscotch and Onions with Anchovies S03E33 03m15s
Chocolate Fudge with Peanuts and Beansprouts S03E33 04m18s
Yak Cheese with Spinach Root and Soybean Substitute S03E33 21m25s
Tea and Toast S03E25 1m45s
Chocolate Sprinkles and Clam Sauce S03E26 11m24s
Banana S04E02 12m40s
Gumdrop Chocochip S04E04 1m40s
Ox Burgers and Yak's Cheese S04E04 21m18s
Smoked Herring and Hot Fudge with Double Cheese S04E06 1m08s
Pablum with Strained Spinach S04E06 21m31s