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A tour of RAL (Rutherford Appleton Laboratory) in Didcot, Oxfordshire. 3 tours on offer, choose one.

  • Tour 1 – ISIS, e-Science and ASTRA Gemini
  • Tour 2 – Particle Physics, RAL Space and Lasers for Science
  • Tour 3 – Technology, Target Fabrication, Vulcan Control Room and ISIC


Near Didcot, Oxfordshire (the same location as the Diamond light source trip)


um.... CLF (LASERS!) ISIS (Neutron/Muon beam!) ALMA (Radio Telescope!) This not enough? you're not human...

Some photographs of ISIS to tempt you.


27th September 10:00 - 15:00, so departing Paddington ~09:00

Getting there

As well as who ever ends up driving there it's a fairly easy, 40 min, train journey from Paddington and then 20 minute bus directly to RAL (or Harwell campus as the buses know it).

People going

  • Nigel
  • Martin Tour 1
  • Scary - preference tour 1 and 2
  • Tim Storey - Tour 1
  • Kieran Kunhya - Tour 2 and 3