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As a Hackspace member, you can claim on expenses money you've spent on improving/maintaining the space.

  • If the amount of your claim is less than £50, and it's clearly for the benefit of the space, you don't need to ask for permission before spending money.
  • If the amount is more than £50, you should ask for permission from a trustee to spend the money first, either on the mailing list or the infrastructure IRC channel.

A receipt must be provided for an expense claim to be granted. There are no exceptions to this.

Claiming Money Back

Email accounts@london.hackspace.org.uk with the following details:

  • An itemised list + total
  • A PDF or scan of the receipt/invoice (with a naming convention like (date-supplier-item(s) eg: '2022-02-16-Screwfix-HexKeySet.pdf'). Check it is an actual receipt!!
  • Your bank details

Note that without the above they will be summarily rejected.

Expenses are paid out in batches every 2-3 weeks.