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Flavour Powders

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These are good for sprinkling on things to make them tasty. Bacon powder is good on everything. I originally read of this idea at Serious Eats in the form of pepperoni powder for sprinkling on popcorn.



  • Maltodextrin from ebay
  • oily stuff
    • bacon grease before it solidifies
    • pepperoni grease
    • cheese (heat until oil seeps out)
    • butter (?)
    • nutella
    • chocolate
    • peanut butter


  • put oily stuff into a bowl
  • sprinkle in a little maltodextrin at a time and whisk it together (or in the case of more solid things like nutella, rub in)
  • keep adding until clumpy
  • rub through a sieve to fluff up
  • store in airtight container

N.B.: If making savoury items, it's best to put in a pinch of table salt to counteract the (very very slight) sweetness of the maltodextrin. Besides, things like bacon and cheese should be a little salty...