GMO Project Risk Assessment Form

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[ ] The organism being used in this project is not classified as a hazard group 2, 3 or 4 organism according to The Approved List of biological agents<1>.

[ ] Furthermore, the organism (__________________) is unlikely to cause human disease. Further details:
[Details Box]

Outline of the modifications to be made to the organism in this project:
[Details Box]

[ ] The modifications to be made to the organism are unlikiely to increase its pathogenicity.

[ ] Any work done with the GMO will adhere to CL1 containment procedures according to the London Biohackspace SOPs <2>, including the standard procedure for disposal of GMMs. Details of any non-standard GMM disposal procedure:
[Details box]

[ ] Any standard procedures carried out in the lab will follow the procedures as set out in the London Biohackspace General Lab Procedures<3>, Molecular Biology Procedures<4>, or Maintenance Procedures<5>.

Details of any non-standard procedures:
[Details Box]


  • <1> Link to The Approved List of biological agents
  • <2> Link to CL1 procedure SOP
  • <3> Link to General Lab section of SOPs
  • <4> Link to Mol Bio Section of SOPs
  • <5> Link to Maintenance section of SOPs