Gadget Geeks drinking game

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Not that kind of beard party

A changing series of things to watch out for during Gadget Geeks on Mondays at Lab 24. If you don't like drinking, instead let out a yippee or otherwise express your appreciation/horror. This is mostly about the builds sections, since Tom and Charles will be there to mock.

Every instance of:


  • An arduino on camera
  • Two or more people on their laptops at a time
  • Anyone with more laptops than he really needs in front of him
  • Something being dropped
  • Someone riding a mobility scooter
  • Hackspace logo
  • An obvious item from a future build prominently in the background

Speech and Behaviour:

  • Colin saying "Better"
  • Tom saying "it'll never work" or similar
  • Tom crossing his arms, farmer style
  • Charles going through an entire three-up interview section without saying anything
  • Charles stroking his beard OR a beard close-up
  • Any catchphrase Charles creates during his "Hackalicious" segment
  • Every time Charles's forced to say something that makes a bit of his soul die (e.g. 'Hackalicous')


  • Tom's hoodie riding up over his microphone pack, revealing his t-shirt
  • Hot Furze - Colin in a tie


  • Building montage
  • Something clearly shot right at the end of the day, with long shadows and the sun setting
  • Any blatant commercially-driven decisions during the review sections
  • Something survives an explosion

Rare (down it in one)

  • A geek slips in a meme reference
  • Geek to the Future - continuity mistake
  • On a final test day, Tom wearing something other than a red t-shirt or his grey hoodie
  • Tom saying "Understood"

Please update this list if you notice something more suitable to look for.