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Gas Storage

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If storing pressurised vessels/bottles in your building we need to have clear signage stating such on the outside for the Fire brigade to see.

Pressurised vessels/bottles must be secured, either by chaining them to a wall so they 'cannot' fall over or having them secured to a cart or trolley. If a bottle was to have the valve knocked off it could well turn into a torpedo, but it needs time to build up momentum, the welding bay is pretty small but better safe than sorry.

For flammable gases, we are not allowed to 'store' (that is not have in use) any bottles (empty or full) that are within three metres of the in use bottle, or 1.5m if there is a solid wall between them. It is also a requirement that bottles stored outside should be in a secure cage.

A lot of these rules would be good to have on a poster near the cylinders.

Also see other literature on the BOC website.

Also see space requests for use of the Yard.