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Current Status

No events yet proposed, If i settle after moveing into london i will try to start one

Project maintained by Conor Bone, not much experience with picking, if you want to run an event please Let me know.


Encouraging the wonderful sport of Lockpicking in the UK and in the ROI.

There appears to be much interest in the wonderful Sport of Lockpicking. During the space warming party on 1 August 2010, a mini-workshop was held. The interest was simply amazing and many tried their best opening the few locks which were available.

A typical London Lockpicking Sport Session!

Register interest below

  1. Conor Bone
  2. Oleg HS28725

Events -- Sport Sessions

Update 31 July 2019: Lockpicking sport sessions have not been running for some time now. The practice locks are still here, and if anyone would like to take on the running of the event please pipe up on the main mailing list!forum/london-hack-space

Lockpicking sport sessions are the second Saturday of every month from 3 p.m. onwards. Please feel free to come any time after 3 p.m. If you've never done lockpicking before, we'll do our very best to get you opening locks.

The sportshop will be reopening in September for those who would like to buy a set of picks. Those without a set can use some of the communal picks to get to grips with the basics.

All are welcome regardless of experience, age or shoe size. Communal picks/tension tools are provided if you don't have your own.

Equipment (Locks and Picks)

All lockpicking equipment is currently stored in a set of wooden boxes on the libary shelves (by the main door), feel free to leave your picks and locks here or in your box if you don't want to carry them with you.

If you have any locks to donate (with or without the key), we could use them.

Many thanks to those who have donated locks, we now have a very good selection of all types of locks for all levels.

The lock bins are stored at the Hackspace and are available to use at your leisure regardless of any events.

New ideas for the London Lockpicking Sportgroup

If you have any ideas for the lockpicking sportgroup, please pass them on.


  • "Make your own pick set day". The grind wheel can be used to make each interested member their own pick set/ more sets for the hackspace. Very fun thing to do in my experience! -- Kal
    • "Make your own pick set day" would be a lovely idea. The metal strips on windscreen wipers make great tensioners. For picks, you need to find a metal which is strong but flexible (thin mealsaw blades do well). Opening locks with your own picks is really nice :) -- t.
      • I came across this video tutorial for making picks from old butter knives LINK -- Johannes

Pick sets

More info about pick sets.

Recommended Reading

How not to pick a lock

Before you start lockpicking, reading some theory would be a good idea.

Some nice screenshots of Inside a Lock with explanations.

The MIT Guide to Lockpicking is very well written and will provide you with a very good introduction to lockpicking

MIT Guide to Lockpicking in English

MIT Guide to Lockpicking in German

MIT Guide to Lockpicking in French

Locksport International also has a very good guide:

Locksport Guide to Lockpicking

External Links

They are now around six/seven Lockpicking Sport Clubs in the world. Due to much interest in this sport, much growth is expected in the coming years. Let us profit from their experience!


Enough said ... Let's get our site in there soon!