Hackspace Move/Planning/2013-04-08

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Last week

Fixed the ventilation fan motor (which was wired incorrectly)

Erected the drywall upstairs:

20130329 163135.jpg

And rockwalled it

20130329 163844.jpg

Filled and sanded gaps, and installed boxes for sockets

20130407 200350.jpg

Lifted the basement floor

20130329 181326.jpg

And started the partitions

20130329 163356.jpg

Which will also be rockwalled

20130329 163255.jpg

Ran some of the network cabling for the ground floor

20130329 181051.jpg

Including Doorbot

20130320 210834.jpg

Got the lift functional, although we still don't have insurance, so please don't use it for travelling in

20130406 171659.jpg

Took down one asbestos-based tile and put it in the storage room by the main door. Please don't touch it - if you do, contact the trustees or the list.

20130406 173357.jpg

Covered the fire exit to prevent heat escaping. This will be modified again shortly as it's actually intended to be a smoke vent in case of fire.

20130406 172453.jpg

This weekend

Finished the partitions downstairs

20130406 172232.jpg

Prepared the concrete

20130406 172603.jpg

To paint the floor

20130406 173517.jpg

Painted the floor. There are some cracks near the lift that still need filling

20130406 220148.jpg

Removed the chalky paint from the floor of the metal workshop, which will be painted on Monday/Tuesday evening

20130407 190606.jpg

Filled gaps for the biohacking lab, which will be painted during the week

20130407 190424.jpg