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Goal: Move hackspace items which are not used regularly or on a day to day basis at the space ahead of the main move date in April. Please do not move anything not listed here without checking first.

Date: Items were moved on 23rd March, laptops and other things were moved when they shouldn't have been, rage ensued

Saturday 23rd: We have a van from 2:30pm until 7:30pm

If you can list any of the things that could get moved here that'd be grand. If you're willing to volunteer get it prepped to move and potentially help us load/unload it that'd also be amazing.

Item(s) Notes Volunteer
Stratasys Hipster is going to clean it before its moved tgreer (talk)
Dishwasher in social room tgreer (talk)
Chest of Drawers on top of said dishwasher tgreer (talk)
Traffic light Fahadsadah (talk)
Pile of servers/network/comms kit under and on top of the desks in the quiet room. tgreer (talk)
CNC engraver also under desks in quiet room. Project in early stages, not likely to have any work done before the more or for some weeks after. Sci
Carpet rolls in quiet room, unless the quiet room carpet is to be replaced tgreer (talk)
Non-functioning lathes The mini lathe is packed up (parts in the black box on top) and ready to go. The green lathe is as well, but I've put the parts into two spare drawers of the 3-in-1 shelves. Both are VERY HEAVY and a lot more delicate than they look! asoko (but I can't help move)
Knitting machine Cleaned, and the box containing attachments has been taped up. Ready to move. asoko
Large format printer / plotter (not the vinyl cutters, the big green/grey thing) -- cleaned and ready to move. asoko
Boxed beer glasses
Train clock on vending machine Fahadsadah (talk)
Large items in the member's area, with their owner's approval
Contents of room (toilet) behind laser cutter
Vacuum station Not technically in storage room, but should be moved as well. Sci
Brazing hearth Not currently plumbed into gas, unusable until fitted at new space. Sci
Large sheet materials near fire exit
Light box used for post table
Arcade machine tgreer (talk)
Approx half of the library sue
Degausser, Logic analyzer, current recorder, shield boxes, spare soldering equipment Got the stuff ready next to the library shelves. Mentar
Basic space infrastructure - kettle, mugs, tea Willing to bet that these will migrate over even before the pre-move move :-) sue
2 reels of Twin/Earth Cable 6mm2 + 10mm2 in kitchen cupboard Now located with pre-move items but should not be buried in a box, possibly needed for electrical work in 447. - PaddyD's but consider them now donated. Someone else.
2 Tarpaulins for use at the new space during works On top of pre-move items in front of Library shelves Sully
Google TV Now packed in box with speakers on the pile of Pre-move stuff - Still need to remove the mounted screen near Arcade Machine Marc