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This page is to plan the schedule for the cross over month. All timings are approximate until we have set dates to confirm arrangements with.

General Plan

We will likely have 4 weeks to move, We need to concentrate human power where possible and plan in advance.

This is my suggestion of a rough outline to flesh out as we get more details - Solexious (talk)

Weeks 1-2

Basic Basic's: Toilet paper, cleaning stuff, kettle, mugs, tea, coffee

Build out of essential works at the new location, followed by secondary works.

This will need alot of the hackspace's hardware to be moved to the new space to assist works.

Long weekend

I would suggest we block out the Friday-Sunday in the middle of the month for moving the bulk of the hackspace from the old to new location.

Weeks 3-4

Tools to return to the old space at the end of the move to assist with restoration that needs to be completed at the old space, this will be easier once the bulk of the space has been moved.

Once the old space is ready to be handed back, the tools and human power would return to the new space to continue the build out.