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This page is old! For the continuing refurbishment of the space, see 447_Hackney_Road/Improvements

Simple tasks that you can do right now

  • Clean under the windows
  • Clean windows in
    • The quiet room
    • The main area
    • The classroom
  • Fit the projector screen on the far classroom wall (opposite the door) needs brackets making (accurate welding + metal forming), also very heavy will need more then one person.
  • Fit the skirting board in the quiet room
  • Tidy the quiet room into a quiet room rather than a bomb site - should wait for the network cables to be done.
  • Move books from the back room next to the back door to the bookshelves
  • Move electronics gear from the back room to the electronics area
  • Fix lightbulbs in all the toilets
    • All are normal BC fittings, apart from tube over basin in shower
  • Clean the kitchen - could do with painting and more shelves
  • Assemble all tables in the main room, and put them to one side, or in desk clusters
  • Empty the storage room next to the downstairs fire exit so we can store things in it. The blue foam can be put in the skip.
  • Collect the downstairs wood-pile into one place out of the way
  • Go through member boxes separating out boxes that are full of general equipment and do not belong to members, placing them on separate shelves that are clearly marked
  • Take up the remainder of the wooden floor downstairs ON HOLD
  • Collect all the rubbish in the car-park and put it in the bin
    • Litter picker and binbag just by doorbot inside
  • Move the bins to the far end of the car park
  • Clear the rubbish that has been shoved down the side of the wall in the car park (next to the front door)
  • Replace the bulbs in the car-park floodlights - which ones, iirc they work? maybe you mean the loading bay?
    • The one above the loading bay and the two to the left of it work according to sol, that leaves just the one to the right of the doorbot door. Talk of replacing it with a super-led thing?
  • Clear out and paint the entrance hall - carpet is a bit nasty.
  • Paint the sign above the front entrance so it doesn't look horrible
  • Make a london hackspace sign for the back gate

Ground Floor


  • fit power and network sockets in the new walls. Network sockets done and gigabit certified.
  • finish new walls.
  • lift and fix broken bits of floor
    • will probably need the shelving removed
  • finish a few trunking bits
  • fit skirting board
  • fit access point to ceiling - needs to wait for paint to dry
  • paint walls - almost done!
  • fit doors


  • fix doorbell done!
  • wire up a doorbot and the doorbell and bellpush etc.


  • more network sockets
  • more power sockets
  • clean under windows. - 1/4 done

quiet room

  • run network to basement
  • fit access point.
  • move shelves
  • paint walls
  • clean windows
  • replace damaged flooring
    • need to re-attach skirting board.

Back door area

  • fix doorlock (please!).
  • finish some trunking bits.
    • needs cctv sorting first
  • finish boxing in doorbot.


  • wire phone line to upstairs
  • fire escape: fix vent, fit push bar.


  • Filler walls
  • Paint metal shop floor
  • Sand walls - Thursday
  • Paint walls - Thursday
  • Clad miniworkshop walls - Friday
  • Put up power/network trunking - Friday
  • Place tools - Saturday
  • Place sockets/run cable - Saturday/Sunday
  • Run extraction to tools
  • Automate filtration
  • Run plumbing to workshop sink/biolab

biohacker room

  • power sockets


  • fttc
  • config an access point
    • test it
    • clone config to other ap's
    • mount access points tidly

Post Move

This is a list of things that arn't vital to the space function but need to get done

Ground floor

  • Install a hood over the roller shutter door so there's no gap to the outside at the top when closed


  • Fit projector screen
  • Fit projector
  • Led board
  • Scrub paint from floors


  • lasercutter

Lobby Area

  • signage


  • Led board

car park

  • We need an ashtray for the yard


  • fit and fix the bandwidth meter - really needs more sockets and babbage being moved.
  • spacefed?
  • v6 tunnel - will just use a&a now.
  • A&A v6
  • bufferbloat kernel and tuning
  • bandwidth management of some kind.