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Ujima House has a central heating system, operated and maintained by the landlord. Hot water is pumped from the boiler house located on the roof to the various radiators, most of which are finned tubes in vented enclosures, looped around the edges of the building.

Current Configuration

The heating appears to come on intermittently throughout the day. At the time of writing its not clear if its on a schedule, a thermostat elsewhere in the building controlled by the landlord, or if there is a fault. The Hackspace is always warm enough, so its yet to be an issue.

The thermostats are all configured to be 18°C which may be a little conservative - we'll see how it goes.

Ground Floor

To be confirmed

First Floor


Ujima heating.jpg


In all 4 corners of the first floor there's a basic controller attached to the wall, which controls a solenoid valve. These are paired with a wireless thermostat.

From each corner a heating loop runs along side the wall.

Thermostat Locations

Zone Location Type
NE On the internal wall at the front of the class room, next to the whiteboard Digistat RF1 (Temp only)
SE In the alcove between the shelving units and the wall of the main hacking area. Digistat RF2 (Basic Scheduler)
SW Near the first aid kit by the front door. Digistat RF2 (Basic Scheduler)
NW Located in the secure storage cupboard - currently on a shelf. Digistat RF2 (Basic Scheduler)