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Hosting providers

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Hosting providers

Recommendations for that age-old question of how to host a website once you have an idea. Please provide a justification for your recommendation - spam will be ruthlessly pruned.

Some of these recommendations were originally taken from a mailing list thread back in 2011. Feel free to add a more recent recommendation.


  • Github - free, and works well with git, of course - Mark


  • Google App Engine (GAE) - OK for infrequently changing sites that you don't want to worry about - Mark




  • Bitfolk - "they provide the server for, their support is ace and they don't enrage me even a little bit" -Alexjs
  • Bytemark - Renski, Nat, Alexjs
  • linode - "I've been using them for a year, no complaints" srimech
  • uk2/ - used for about a year, very good service during that time, occasional bouts of latency but generally worked very well - win2k3 and linux vm's used, all fine.
  • - a friend's organisation, servers based in .nl, support over IRC and email. Excellent value, brilliant uptime, very little latency. - Tajasel
  • Idaq - Yiannis
  • Digital Ocean - very nice service, cheap, APIs Mark
  • Hetzner - popular for VMs or web
  • RoseHosting - fully-managed Linux VPS with free 24/7 support. They have git hosting too


  • Colocker - Run by Hackspace member 'bigcw' aka Chris who is happy to help out fellow members, be flexible on pricing, etc