How to Join London Hackspace

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There are a few things that you need to do in order to join London Hackspace


  1. Sign up on the main website
    This will give you your membership number. You will receive an email with payment instructions.
  2. Set up your payments
    You can do this via standing order or by taking cash into the bank every month. Either way, your membership number must be the payment reference. The minimum donation is £5 per month and the recommended donation is £15 or over. Basically, whatever you can afford or feel the space is worth.
  3. Await confirmation
    Approximately 24 hours after your first payment clears, you will receive your welcome email. Congratulations, you are officially an LHS member!
  4. Set up your access card
    This can be pretty much anything that contains an RFID chip, such as an oyster card or credit card. You can also get RFID labels and stick them to something. Swipe it on the membership kiosk, by the library, and follow the on-screen instructions. Once completed, you will be able to come into London Hackspace any time you like - even 3am on Christmas day. If you really want to. Adding your card can be done before your first payment clears - very useful if you're already at the Hackspace on a public open day. More details on adding cards and compatible RFID cards can be found here.


  1. Join the mailing list
    The mailing list is where pretty much all discussions happen. If you need help, want to store something or find something is broken, post it here. Keep an eye on it and you will quickly become part of the community - you might not want every email to go to your inbox though, as there are sometimes 100+ emails a day. It's hosted on Google Groups
  2. Join the Wiki
    You are already part of the way on this one, seeing as though you are reading this article on the Wiki! If you have not registered already, do so now. The wiki is where all the other information is stored, such as how-to's, training logs and funding requests. Have a look around
  3. Read about the Equipment you want to use, and familiarise yourself with any instructions or training you may need.
  4. Join the IRC
    IRC, short for Internet Relay Chat, is the instant messaging system from a time before it was known as instant messaging. More Info...
  5. Jump in!
    London Hackspace is a community driven organisation, so the more you put in, the more you'll get out!