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Hackspace Unknown.png
Model Avocent DSR2020
Sub-category Defunct
Status Scrapped
Consumables Unknown
Accessories adapter thingys
Training requirement Yes
Origin Network Fairies
Location Basement rack
Maintainers The sysadmin team

We scrapped the IPKVM because we've largely consolidated our workloads into a couple of well-powered systems with optional remote LOM and do not necessarily need an IPKVM to scroll through everything on a shared console.

Our IPKVM is a DSR2020 in the basement rack, Hooked up to a SPC1601 PDU

Hostname: IP:

Login credentials: Ask tgreer or jasperw for details.

port assignments

  1. babbage
  2. boole


We have loads of PS/2 ones, and 2 usb ones, one of which is used on boole

remote access =

Use ssh port forwarding, something like this:

sudo ssh -vTN \
-L \
-L \
-L \
-L \

You need to be root to forward ports 80 & 443, you'll also need to stop any webserver that you might be running so you don't get a clash with port 80...