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Hackspace Unknown.png
Model Avocent DSR2020
Sub-category Defunct
Status Scrapped
Last updated 24 May 2021 22:11:33
Consumables Unknown
Accessories adapter thingys
Training requirement Yes
Origin Network Fairies
Location Basement rack
Maintainers The sysadmin team

We scrapped the IPKVM because we've largely consolidated our workloads into a couple of well-powered systems with optional remote LOM and do not necessarily need an IPKVM to scroll through everything on a shared console.

Our IPKVM is a DSR2020 in the basement rack, Hooked up to a SPC1601 PDU

Hostname: IP:

Login credentials: Ask tgreer or jasperw for details.

port assignments

  1. babbage
  2. boole


We have loads of PS/2 ones, and 2 usb ones, one of which is used on boole

remote access =

Use ssh port forwarding, something like this:

sudo ssh -vTN \
-L \
-L \
-L \
-L \

You need to be root to forward ports 80 & 443, you'll also need to stop any webserver that you might be running so you don't get a clash with port 80...