Introduction to openFrameworks

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Introduction to computer vision using openframeworks.

When: Monday 4th April 2011, 7pm-8:30 (please be on time!)

Where: London Hackspace (

Cost: £5, £2 hackspace members

Facilitator: Dr Mo (

Openframeworks is the programming framework of choice for processor intensive tasks like computer vision and video display. This workshop will introduce you to video capture, image formats and computer vision in C++ using openframeworks and OpenCV. At the end of the workshop you should know how to get video from your webcam, how to access colour values in an image and how to detect motion in video. More advanced topics can be covered if there is time.

This workshop assumes beginner level C++ or java programming knowledge. Participants should also come with their own laptop and have installed openframeworks with a suitable development environment for their platform (i.e. xcode for mac or visual studio express for windows) before the workshop. Visit the openframeworks website for downloads:

demos from the workshop