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JST makes a bewildering range of wire-to-board connectors, which are especially useful for making power connections.

These are very cheap to use as long as you have the crimp tool (although these commonly cost >£200, we have a cheap £50 ebay model which works well enough for small enough quantities).


There are many different ranges of JST connector which look very similar. Don't get them mixed up. Here's the cheat sheet of the more common ones:

Series (datasheet) Picture Connector Pitch Current Rating In Stock Farnell Part Links
XH Jst-xh.png 2.5mm 3A Yes 2 pin socket
PH Jst-ph.png 2mm 2A Soon 2 pin socket

2 pin plug

Crimp terminals

Other choice JST connectors include SH (1mm pitch, surface-mount only).

Farnell ordering tip: Search for "JST PH" (or whatever family you want), then go to the "Wire-to-board connectors" category.

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