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To become a full biohackspace member

You are welcome to use the Biohackspace as a guest during our open evenings for a short time to decide whether you would like to join us. If you use the Biohackspace often, or if you are planning to use the space for genetic modification or to use it unattended, we request that you become an inducted member of the biohackspace. There are three steps.

Step 1: Join the Hackspace

Our room is provided by the London Hackspace, so you should join the Hackspace before joining us. Click here to join the Hackspace.

Step 2: Join the Biohackspace

Biohackspace Membership cost is minimum £2.50 a week (£10 a month) but feel free to pay above this if you feel membership is worth more to you.

We have a Gocardless setup to join the Biohackspace. Click here to join us.

Members are entitled to 24/7 access to the London Biohackspace laboratory subject to undergoing the required safety training (see below).

Step 3: Become an inducted member

As part of our licensing requirements, you must take a safety induction before you can use the lab unsupervised. These take about 45 minutes, and are organised on an as-needed basis (and also depending on availability of our members). They typically take place on Tuesday or Wednesday evenings at 7:30. To find out when the next induction will take place, contact us (preferably by email or Slack).

If you are a paying member of the hackspace and biohackspace, and you have completed your safety induction, you can register your card for automatic access. Ask for details after your induction.

Additional information

If you would prefer to use a direct debit, rather than gocardless, you may do that using the following details;

   TSB Business Bank
   London Biological Laboratories Ltd
   Sort code: 77-91-38
   Account No.: 25743860
   Reference: Your hackspace ID

Your hackspace ID is a number prefixed with HS which you use as a Hackspace payment reference. It's available on your member page:

We had to set up a limited company as a legal/admin requirement to order from various suppliers and to handle the members fees. The legal documents and list of directors are given on the LBL Ltd page.