Training for MMA or Stick Weding, MIG and TIG

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Hi This is a place holder while I put together some material on this matter, in the interim please come along to the tin bashers group for an induction and training as required

It will operate in much the same way as the robotic arm, laser cutter and or lathe due to the capital cost of the equipment and safety implications

The journey through this equipment will start with MMA or Stick for the basic skills and the move on to MIG and perhaps TIG depending on skills shown on Stick and Tig

The care and training of this equipment is and will be carried out by the metal working group

Training Guide

Aim : To be able to use the machine safely and produce a simple piece of work, e.g. a but weld

  • Basic safety
    • Safe Working Area
    • Personal Protective Equipment
    • Controls
    • Heat Risk
    • Visual Risk
    • EMF Risk
  • MMA
    • Weldable Materials
    • Power Selection
    • Choosing welding rod
    • Welding Position
    • Preparing a work piece
    • Starting a weld
    • Running a bead
  • MIG
    • Weldable Materials
    • Power Selection
    • Feed speeds
    • Gas settings
    • Welding Position
    • Preparing a work piece
    • Doing the business

  • TIG
    • Weldable Materials
    • Power and other settings
    • Using the AC Node
    • Assembling the torch and preparing the tungsten
    • Gas settings
    • Using the pedal
    • Welding Position
    • Preparing a work piece
    • Joining materials

  • House keeping
    • Please double check that the gas is shut off if you have been using MIG or TIG
    • Clean Equipment and put it away
    • Report any faults observed or discovered whilst using equipment
    • Clean workshop floor area
    • Clean and replace tools used