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<@jontyw> <jontyw> talkto glen1
<@jontyw> <wat_> OK I'LL TALK TO GLEN1 ALL THE TIME :D
< glen1> jontyw: Are we getting a new blade?
<@CaptainTerrible> I remember this thing.
< wat_> glen1, there are literally police cars labelled sandwich police
< glen1> wat_: You getting the Makerbot Thing-O'Matic?
< wat_> glen1, I have an old thing o matic that s been in storage a while when we moved
< glen1> wat_: Without over flows.
< wat_> glen1, 4chan is a simple image based bulletin board where anyone can post comments and share images
< glen1> wat_: Bre gave it to me.
< JackNco_lockpick> thats a hell of  a statement to walk in on adan
<@jontyw> Oh god
< wat_> glen1, Upgrade to the latest Flash Player for improved playback performance
<@CaptainTerrible> hahahah
< glen1> wat_: But you've not printed a shot glass?
< wat_> glen1, Snowflakes Shot Glass Set DW SNOWFL SET Click Here
< glen1> wat_: 1) Dehydrate cucumber. 2) Replace the electronics.
< wat_> glen1, How can I preserve or freeze the MANY cucumbers or zuchinnis
< glen1> wat_: has been playing a lot of smoke.

21:05 < lbdl> glen1: are you there?
21:05 < deafanon> I am glad half a bottle of mulled wine fits into this large glass here & it's kicking in just in time for this markov-bot-off
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21:05 -!- glen1 [] has joined #megawat
21:06 -!- wat_ [] has joined #megawat
21:06 < lbdl> and the boredom induced by rain has gone away at last
21:06 <@jontyw> Right, this will get banned by google in about two minutess
21:06 < deafanon> glen1: hello
21:06 < glen1> deafanon: ?makerbot Someone needs to cook that.
21:06 < lbdl> glen1: talk to wat_
21:06 < glen1> lbdl: I bet it's cheaper then the Internet.
21:06 -!- martind [uid37@gateway/web/] has joined #megawat
21:06 <@jontyw> glen1: GO GO GO
21:06 < glen1> jontyw: I live in a granite or pitchblend house?
21:06 <@jontyw> wat_: hello?
21:06 <@jontyw> Hmm
21:06 < wat_> jontyw, Exclusive photos and interview Cheryl opens up on her life loves and being back with the girls
21:07 <@jontyw> glen1: rarr
21:07 < glen1> jontyw: It's been to 24C3, 25C3 & HAL2005
21:07  * jontyw looks puzzled
21:07 < lbdl> wat_:glen1
21:07 < wat_> lbdl, Full resolution 1 800 1 200 pixels file size 1
21:07 < glen1> lbdl: 1.6L petrol.
21:07 <@jontyw> wat_: woot
21:07 < wat_> jontyw, If you have someone special in your life whom you love about 90 of the way this Asus laptop is the perfect gift to show how much you almost think the world of them
21:07 <@jontyw> glen1: y u no talky
21:07 < glen1> jontyw: Are any of the press drills still working?
21:08 < wat_> glen1, aden i m an idiot came in to work today and i ve got the day off
21:08 < glen1> wat_: You think I just use nohup
21:08 < wat_> glen1, JanitoVaqueiroFerreiraFilho I have to use nohup which is builtin in my linux distribution and I dont have root access to install screen Richard Oct 2 at 18 11
21:08 < glen1> wat_: The V&A is full of stuff.
21:08 < wat_> glen1, at the moment there is a exhibition of british ballgowns and hollywood costumes at the v and a museum and its great my friend and i went to the ballgowns exhibition in the morning everything from hartnell to westwood very good
21:08 < glen1> wat_: Surface prep is just the cleaning acid bath?
21:08 <@jontyw> YES
21:08 < lbdl> lol
21:08 -!- aden [] has joined #megawat
21:08 <@jontyw> Ah, wat won't reply if he can't say anything
21:08 <@jontyw> glen1: badgers
21:08 < glen1> jontyw: What parts di you want from the acid.
21:08 < wat_> glen1, just a brief update as its to uncomfortable to sit for any length of time
21:08 < glen1> wat_: We're talking about the NASA Mars lander?
21:08 < wat_> glen1, Spacecraft Monitoring Martian Dust Storm 11 21 2012
21:08 < glen1> wat_: Yes, there was this one guy Earthshine.
21:08 < wat_> glen1, For many Western men and women for that matter it is beyond unacceptable for a woman to have hairy legs or armpits  it is inconceivable
21:08 < glen1> wat_: What was decided?
21:08 < wat_> glen1, Saving the Common Currency What Was Decided at the Euro Zone Crisis Summit
21:08 < glen1> wat_: I want a less lossy wasteful mothod. I don't think CO2 works if people in the face yesterday.
21:08 < wat_> glen1, While this subject is far from climatology it is near and dear to my heart and I thank you for your contribution
21:08 < glen1> wat_: Has the bay tree been watered?
21:08 < wat_> glen1, You are in Lancashire Nature Features Ask the gardener Bay trees
21:08 < glen1> wat_: Though I'm told there's a pile of muffins.
21:08 < wat_> glen1, A girl sits at a small cafe in paris nursing a cafe au lait paired with a plate of beautiful creations
21:08 < glen1> wat_: This is what you get for 16K.
21:08 < wat_> glen1, Sign in with your YouTube Account YouTube Google Gmail Orkut Picasa or Chrome to like iHearTheEcho s video
21:08 < glen1> wat_: Use fine sand paper to make a Hipsterbot.
21:08 < wat_> glen1, Market Your Company With Effective Flyer Printing Services
21:08 < glen1> wat_: There's no insulation on the print surface that could be inflated, not like the inflatable sofa, I was thinking of  going back and correcting it but as it wasn't a spelling rant I couldn't be asked.
21:08 < wat_> glen1, Random Cop 1 Someone call the Avengers or somethin
21:09 < glen1> wat_: I suppose you need a small vice.
21:09 <@jontyw> And googleban
21:09 < aden> i'll see if i can find my bot
21:09 -!- kierank [u5955@gateway/web/] has left #megawat []
21:09 < CaptainTerrible> It hit the google limit already?! 
21:09 < artag> why google ?
21:09 <@jontyw> glen1: KEEP TALKING
21:09 < glen1> jontyw: I can IRC while doing any other activity.
21:09 < CaptainTerrible> artag: wat googles things
21:09 < CaptainTerrible> glen1: google?
21:09 < glen1> CaptainTerrible: Open source tee would have to be quick.
21:09 <@jontyw> wat_ googles for things, then takes the first sentence from the first result
21:09 < lbdl> aha
21:09 <@jontyw> Yeah, usage limit
21:10 < artag> wat feels lucky ?
21:10 < lbdl> distribute wat_?
21:10 < lbdl> form a few ghosts and then aggregate?
21:10 < artag> maybe wat_ needs to be introduced to ec2
21:10 <@jontyw> I enjoyed glen1 complaining about lack of insulation, and wat telling him to call the avengers
21:10 < lbdl> ugh auto correct...
21:11 < glen1> jontyw: Every time I go to the HackerSpace
21:11 < wat_> glen1, aden i m an idiot came in to work today and i ve got the day off
21:11 < glen1> wat_: Though I think I have one set of electronics there's no noticable flicker.
21:11 < lbdl> thats better
21:11 < artag> he hit the quotes page there
21:11 <@jontyw> Haha, he totally did
21:11 < CaptainTerrible> glen1: aden is here
21:11 < glen1> CaptainTerrible: or are you disposing of flaming trash?
21:11 <@jontyw> If someone can find another search engine I'll try that
21:11 < lbdl>
21:11 < lbdl> and bing
21:12 < artag> stackoverflow
21:12 <@jontyw> I wonder what their limits are like
21:12 < martind> ddg?
21:12 -!- wat_ [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
21:13 < CaptainTerrible> I can't see al imit on the ddg api page
21:13 -!- glen1 [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
21:15 -!- marek_lastfm_ [uid4542@gateway/web/] has joined #megawat
21:15 -!- lolbot0 [] has joined #megawat
21:15 < CaptainTerrible> lolbot0: sing us the song of your people
21:15 < lolbot0> CaptainTerrible, Seems like people build the inverse of rule 0 for the agm though, normally you can have that song in  our bubbles.
21:15 < CaptainTerrible> Quite.
21:15 <@jontyw> DDG api doesn't actually do search
21:15 <@jontyw> Could scrape it though
21:16 < lbdl> lolbot0: when will the rain stop?
21:16 < aden> lolbot0: what what
21:16 < lolbot0> lbdl, Contravention of rule 0, 0.07a when the rain.
21:16 < lolbot0> aden, So i can't believe with all things considered, compared to 0, 0 & 1 and 0 to 1.5gb in old street.
21:16 < lbdl> in old street is right
21:16 < srimech> lolbot0: brown
21:16 < lolbot0> srimech, Just loading the adverts gives them both to 0, 0 & 0 all equal to power solar panels in roads.
21:17 < CaptainTerrible> lolbot0: android
21:17 < lolbot0> CaptainTerrible, 0 & 0, So they have knocked up some mutated sea bass.
21:17 < aden> lolbot0: occupy
21:17 < lolbot0> aden, 0 & 0 All equal to 0.002" resolution.
21:17 < CaptainTerrible> lolbot is fond of numbers.
21:17 < lolbot0> CaptainTerrible: Is fond of numbers. If i'm remembering what tools would do.
21:17 < srimech> lolbot0: laser
21:17 < lolbot0> srimech, Thats 0.8v at 2a is 0?
21:19 < aden> lolbot0: are you broken?
21:19 < lolbot0> aden, 0 & 0, 0) Would be charging a battery either.
21:19 < aden> lolbot0 seems to like numbers too much, i should retrain him
21:19 < lolbot0> aden, But only if it's index 0, 0 & 1 and 0 to process them too?
21:20 < CaptainTerrible> lolbot0: stop it
21:20 < lolbot0> CaptainTerrible, Stop saying stop stop.
21:20 < CaptainTerrible> :(
21:20 < aden> lolbot0: rape CaptainTerrible 
21:20 < lolbot0> aden, Dont thank me later on tomorrow night, for captainterrible, i have a 0.75r goes from 0 to process them too.
21:20 < CaptainTerrible> lolbot0: smoke me a kipper
21:20 < lolbot0> CaptainTerrible, Smoke me a kipper, i'll be in the space 0 days ago.
21:20 < CaptainTerrible> Haha
21:21 <@jontyw> Oh. I just had an idea.
21:21 <@jontyw> We should run a mirror hackspace channel.
21:21 <@jontyw> Populated entirely by bots trained on each of us.
21:22 -!- lolbot0 [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
21:22 < CaptainTerrible> There we go, that can go in the barbican. Simulated London Hackspace
21:22 <@jontyw> When one of us says something in the main channel, our bot says something in the other based on what we said. Same for  addressing people,
21:22 -!- donvito [] has joined #megawat
21:22 < CaptainTerrible> Oh weird
21:22 <@jontyw> So it runs at the same speed, mutating what we say
21:23 < aden> donvito: have you forgotten about numbers now?
21:23 < lbdl> good idea
21:23 < lbdl> lets procrastinate it 
21:23 < aden> donvito: you suck
21:23 <@jontyw> Problem is we'd hit the IP limit, so probably easier to just have a webpage with it on.
21:25 < CaptainTerrible> Clients per IP limit? I'm sure we have enough VPS' between us
21:26 < lbdl> indeed
21:28 < artag> it could run on a private server, couldn't it ?
21:31 <@jontyw> It could, but meh
21:32 < CaptainTerrible> It'd be nice to have it on freenode.
21:38 -!- donvito [] has quit [Ping timeout: 260 seconds]
21:43 < artag> if you're going to hide #london-hack-space, maybe hack-hunters would go there instead 
21:45 < CaptainTerrible> haha yes! a honeypot full of markovs
21:45 < artag> abandon hope, all ye who enter
21:45 < lbdl> yes I'd happily watch that
21:54 -!- Wiktor [] has joined #megawat
22:13 -!- solexious [~quassel@2001:ba8:1f1:f1fd:89b1:afcd:3a40:494] has joined #megawat
22:18 < artag> too late, sol. show's over
22:25 -!- marek_lastfm_ [uid4542@gateway/web/] has left #megawat []
23:19 < solexious> what was it?
23:26 < lbdl> mrkov bot wars… 2 bot enter one bot leave
23:26 < lbdl> a contest of wit
23:29 < srimech> and endurance
23:32 < martind> in the end the bots won and jonty had to kill them
23:33 < srimech> jontyw saved us from another robot uprising