Membership Kiosk

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Membership Kiosk at Wembley

The Kiosk

A dedicated single-use kiosk for existing and prospective members to register cards for doorbot (and ACNode), check their payment state, print DNH labels and print membership box labels.

Location: see Equipment/Kiosk

Usage Information

  • Tap your card to the left of the keyboard.
  • If the system doesn't recognise you, it will ask you to log in.
  • If you use a password manager, and it has generated a stupendously unguessable and untypable password for you when you signed up to London Hackspace, then scan the QR code on the login page with your phone, and log in there, and it will take you to the addcard page.
  • The screen is a touch screen, but doesn't work well. Use the tab key on the keyboard, or the trackball.

The equipment

  • Equipment/Kiosk - HP L1940T LCD panel, HP ProDesk 400 G2.5 SFF
  • Metal PS/2 Keyboard-Trackball Assembly (with USB adapter)
  • Tikitag USB-based HF (13MHz) RFID reader
  • WASP Label Printer

Other hoped for features

  • Member box locations
  • Checking out/returning library books