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Hello, I work as the template for the Music Hackspace's User Pages. My name is Dent, Arthur Dent, I'm the guy with the striped t-shirts and the purple headphones. I'm into post-colonial minimalist punk reggae and soldering. I think the Reactable is the best thing since sliced bread. In fact, I've actually sliced bread on it.

My Music Software

I love using these:

I can make patches that process microphone input! And I'm figuring out how to trigger a synthethiser with them.

I do all my MIDI stuff here, and always welcome creative suggestions as to how to use it.

My Music Hardware

  • Accelerometers

I have been wiring these to my congas, violin, and garden table. They're good to determine something's inclination, they make good controllers. I have a bunch left and will swap them for piezoelectric microphones, a yamaha preamp, or tortilla chips.

  • BeagleBoard

This is effectively a powerful little computer that can do the kind of Digital Signal Processing that a musician would dig, and there's some awesome people who distribute open-source software that makes it easy to build musical stuff on it! It's the Satellite CCRMA!

My Programming Languages

  • Processing (fluent. Spielberg asked me to do the audio-triggered visual effects for Star Wars)
  • Arduino (beginner. My code heats the chip so much that I've fried eggs on it, but I still haven't managed to get a sound out of it.)
  • Java (including the javax.sound.midi API) (beginner. I've made an online multiuser synthethiser but it only works in particular time zones. I've no clue why. Help)
  • C++ (disastrous. I posted my code on stackoverflow and Linus Torvalds insulted me over the phone. He probably got my number because of a security hole in that freaking online synthethiser... I want to learn more!)

Music Hackspace Projects I Participate In

I'd like to Collaborate/Give a hand with...

  • Music software workshops (e.g. Pure Data, Ableton Live, etc.)
  • General audio hardware tinkering
  • Audio programming for congas
  • Sharing production tools and techniques for congas
  • Practicing congas
this is a cool image of a project I made! You can upload and display yours by clicking here

My Traditional Instruments

I play these:

  • Violin
  • Conga
  • Bass guitar

Go congas!!

Things that inspire me

  • The Reactable Because it's so shiny and it doesn't wobble. Well... it does if you put the right LFO in.
  • Tim Exile I love his experiments.
  • Kutiman He's shown we're all (or can be) beautifully connected.

My Websites/Projects

This is my soundcloud! You better leave positive comments on my tracks or I'll solder my congas up your laptop.

My blog gets updated once every two months if there's a full moon on that tuesday. But there's tons of cool pictures of my dog eating the arduino and getting punished with a conga.

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