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Nanode Bootloader

Once you have built your Nanode you will need to flash a bootloader. This is the standard Arduino bootloader, but modified to use a different pin (6) for the on-board LED instead of the standard pin 13.

The bootloader here Project:Nanode/Applications/Bootstrap_config_files#Ready-built_bootloader doesn't seem to work. I got one directly from Ken Boak.

The links below will work once the wiki allows arbitrary files to be uploaded.

File:Boot loader zip to replace the one in the arduino folder (back up the old one first).

Nanode Bootloader File:Nanode-bootloader.hex hex file to be used with AVR studio or AVRdude (found inside the zip file).


Pachube acts as a repository of datastreams collected by sensors. You can then graph the resulting data or access the stream to control something based on the data.

Email edborden at pachube dot com to ask for your Pachube account to be upgraded

Pachube Software for Nanode

You will need to read the MAC address of your nanode from the chip on the back of the board using NanodeMAC

Putters and Getters

JeeLabs Ethercard Library

Alternative IP Stack