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Nanode Programming Weekend 6th/7th August 2011

Originally intended to be held at London Hackspace quiet room - however, in view of the interest in this event we have now a much larger venue at the Centre for Creative Collaborations, 16 Acton St. WC1X 9NG very close to Kings Cross St. Pancras.

Lanyrd is a conference tracking application that anyone can add info to. The Nanode Weekend Page is at It has information and links about the event. Booking can now be done using the EventBrite service as detailed below, it is intended to avoid the need to edit this Wiki.

Please put your name down so we can roughly anticipate the attendance.


Saturday 6th Attendees PLEASE NOTE TICKETS NOW AT

Ken Boak

Trystan Lea

Glyn Hudson

Nick Boyle

MikeTheBee Mike Beardmore

h4rrydog | Ifung Lu

Christian Nold

Matthew Gaffen (Remote Attendance)

Andrew Lindsay (afternoon)

[tweaker|Tom Tom]]


Ken Boak

Trystan Lea

Glyn Hudson

Nick Boyle

Matthew Gaffen (Remote Attendance)

h4rrydog | Ifung Lu

Steve Mck

Attendee Application Interest

(e.g. Pachube, Wireless, Energy Monitoring, Bitlash/JSON/Ajax)

Trystan Lea - Demonstrating emoncms Web Graphing / Logging application with Nanode.

Glyn Hudson - Demonstrating emonTx wireless energy monitoring node together with Nanode and JeeLabs RFM12 breakout board.

Nick Boyle

 - Interested in one Nanode doing gas monitoring, 433mhz signals to Bye Bye Standby and Drayton Wireless boiler controller. 

Most likely to accept the request via MQTT. Second nanode to be a monitoring station receiver, potentially accepting external temperature readings via standalone 433mhz remote temperature sensors.

Not done a lot of nanode programming, but am a programmer by trade.

- Now also interested in an MQTT based home alarm system that will include reed switches, motion detector(s) and cameras ... :(

Mike Beardmore - happy to help facilitate as I'm not a wizzy Nanode prgrmr yet! Interested in connectivity and control, midi and web.

Ifung Lu - Interested in using Nanode as a SMS-to-Twitter relay. Complete Nanode/Arduino newbie. Any suggestions on cheapo GSM shields?

Christian Nold - Interested in gas & electric monitoring + 433mhz. Would love to be able to send Email from Nanode.

Matthew Gaffen

- Use of Nanode as a Augmented Reality gaming controller, especially within the remit of energy monitoring.

- Helping improve the nanode website and general branding/presentation.


-Would like to get the NANODE to interface proximity sensors,rf detectors,and more in a room/gallery/studio environment with visual/light intensity/colour changes in an art installation(sculpture).Also,sound level and pitch from single tones added,and syncronised with the visual output...

Some More Info

Our proposal to the Centre for Creative Collaborations for our forthcoming Nanode Applications weekend was successful - and so now have use of their ground floor for the whole of the weekend 6/7 August.

This venue will hold around 30 comfortably - rather than the 10 or so at the Hackspace quiet room. There's a floor plan of the ground floor here

It's very near Kings Cross/St. Pancras area

The aim of the weekend workshop is to share information about the various Nanode applications being developed and devote a considerable amount of time to pushing ahead with the code development of these applications.

The attendees will be a mix of people with different levels of coding skills, hardware, firmware and applications experience - so no matter your experience - there will be plenty of people on hand to assist and help thrash ideas out

Each day will commence with a few short presentations in order to set the scene, but the majority of they day will be spent working either individually or in teams to forge ahead with your apps. There will be prizes for the best/most promising applications.

If you don't yet have a Nanode you will have the opportunity to pick one up - assemble and test it on the day - there will be a beginner's workshop running for some of time on each day.

Please sign up on this wiki page your anticipated attendance throughout the weekend - just so we have some idea of numbers.

More details of our Guest Speakers and their presentations will be released in the next week or so.

In the spirit of "un-conferences" - the final running order will be finalised on the day - and anyone wanting to make a short pitch/presentation may do so.

Whilst C4CC is free to educational projects - it is courteous to make a small donation to the costs of running of the Centre - for this we suggest £5 per head.

Pizza (or other foodstuffs) and beer (or other refreshments) will be available throughout the weekend.

I hope that some of you might make it along on either day.