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NOTE: The draft below is old. This email now exists in a simplified form (send us pull requests with improvements):


Welcome to London Hackspace. You are now a member of the largest hackspace in the UK, and are free to tinker and create using our tools and expertise.

London Hackspace provides people with the space, tools and contact with the people to help them realise projects. Whether you want to make things for your own satisfaction, to help the world, or to dominate it, London Hackspace can help you.

To do this, we need your help as well. Your membership fee is a big part of this, and helps us pay our rent and utility bills. We also need you to keep the space running and looking as you found it. If you can improve our facilities, bring cakes, or even just help keep it tidy, so much the better.

In-person contact with awesome people is one the best things about the Hackspace, but we have far more members online than are physically in the space at any time, so we strongly encourage you to participate online as well. We use these channels for technical talk, and for the organisation of the space:

Important information is sent to the london-hackspace-announce list so please join that as a minimum.

If you haven't been to the space yet, do drop in whenever you can. Tuesday evenings are the best time for newcomers to visit, but there will usually be someone in the space at any time. Ask anyone for a tour of the space. Also ask everyone what they're working on - people love to talk at length about their projects.

You can open the door to London Hackspace using an RFID card. Most people use an Oyster card. If you haven't added your card yet, look at for instructions.

Some of our equipment is sensitive or dangerous, so we need to restrict its use. Ask on the mailing list, and someone will usually offer to show you the ropes. Read the guide, especially the section on becoming a member.

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