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News for 27th April


The space will be CLOSED EARLY this Thursday, the archers are leaving at 6pm.

Makerbot Mondays are now official, the first being yesterday. If you want to learn how to use the MakerBot, it's a great idea to come, as it's fairly easy to knock the machine out of alignment.

The building will be opening again on Fridays, although the times are yet to be confirmed. Hopefully, it'll be at least the evening.

Solexious has been hacking the stairs. Listen out as you enter the space on a public evening.


The tubes for the dremelfuge arrived, which you can see in impressive action with HD. We're thinking a short length of PVC or ceramic pipe might be safer.

A few people have been discussing homebrewing alcohol, and Bob & Russ have agreed to lead a workshop on it.

Daniel's been honing his PCB etching and has put a comprehensive description on the wiki.



Members can now tweet important announcements to @londonhackspace via DM. Talk to solexious if you want to be added to the access list.


  • Lovelace now plays music


  • Irccat is now running, to link IRC to things happening in the space.
  • We're working out proper streaming for the webcam as it's turned out to be so popular.
  • If you're a member and don't have access, let someone on IRC know.

In other news, we found a 0 Ω resistor (see example, right). [Pun needed] [Pun provided]


Tom Scott's got dates for the trip to Denge, now on the mailing list. Please email him if you'd like to join in.

Everything else should be on the mailing list, including from this week:

  • a trip to the Science Museum on Wednesday for talks, drinks and possible dancing
  • the One Click Orgs hack evening on Thursday at the Trampery
  • the Open Source Hardware User Group meeting at BT Westminster, also on Thursday evening
  • the OpenStreetMap hack weekend at the space from 10am Saturday and Sunday. More details on the OpenStreetMap wiki
  • the possible rescheduling of next month's meeting at the Trampery