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  • Jasper got the SGI O2 booting properly.

Arcade Machine

  • The arcade machine now has freeplay enabled.
  • Mameification will follow in the next few weeks, probably keeping the ability to play Puzzle Bobble.


  • The Makerbot is currently broken due to extruder problems. However...
  • A pledge has started (and nearly completed) for the new Makerbot extruder design.

Laser Cutter

Big Scary Laser
  • So far we have lased:
    • An awesome cardboard dinosaur
    • A "Do not look into beam with remaining eye" sign
    • A Pedobear sign
    • Hackspace keyrings (hanging up in the space, take one)
  • The laser cutter cannot be used without training as it's too easy to damage. As a result we will be giving out laser cutter keys to members who have been trained on it, with the aim of having a large number of members in possession of keys.
  • We're discussing laser cooling on IRC - right now it can't be run for more than about half an hour continuously.

Vinyl Cutter

Result of Muz

Muz has got the vinyl cutter working, with some prior help from Artag.



  • A load of very nice chairs were donated by Artag. These are worth £350+ each new.
  • Russ will be ordering the wood for the worktops some time this week, so we may be building these on Bank Holiday Monday (30th).


  • Russs built a shelf to the side of the sink and plumbed in the dishwasher, so we can now wash dishes!
  • Discussion about the Kitchen has started. Please weigh in with any knowledge you have!

Door entry

Neil and Mark finally got the new door control system working. Please call Mark if you have trouble getting it open.



  • Steffen from the German Sport Picking association sent us some locks and picks to play with while we await the delivery of the sports sets.
  • There was lockpicking throughout the Tuesday meeting, but the main workshop/training session is on Monday 30th from 2pm.

Arduino workshop

Just a reminder that it's happening this weekend. Feel free to pop in and help people learn (there will be limited space for working in the back room).

Stuff that may be junked

  • An IBM typewriter, of unknown origin (fairly sure this was brought by b3fct)

Stuff that was junked

  • Those (rather well made) stairs were finally disposed of.