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If you're looking for someone to help you out on a semi-formal basis, list your project here. You may be able to find someone willing to take on your project for expenses and beer money, or just for fun.

Don't take the piss. A bit of variety is good and your project might attract interest just for the sake of it, but many hackspacers are professionals in some area and see no reason to do jobs for peanuts for which they would normally charge a few hundred pounds a day. This isn't a place to get work done for free, it's a place to find like interests and do projects together.

See also: JobBoard.


Request for help building a CNC mill.

We need some help on visionOntv and The Stupidly Simple Open Media Network

Light and sound operator for an amateur play

Hello, I am the technical director of an ameteur theatre company, We currently have a space for a light and sound operator for one of our plays. The dates are 25th to 30th March with the get in being the whole day of the twenty fifth. The play is called Early Bird and is at the Lion and Unicorn theatre in Kentish town. They have a pretty decent rig having just moved to dmx.

As we are amateur thre group the actors pay to perform but tech is free!

If you are interested please get in touch David Balfour


I made this electronic garment with nibs - - for my fashion degree graduation project. And since then I had to travel with it for a couple of shows. Unfortunately, it broke during the last move and it has be ready for another show the beginning of July. This is a special project and it will take probably less than a month to finish. The guy I last worked with has become very busy with his own full time job so I am looking for someone that can fix it and also maybe suggest ideas to make it a lot more durable. I have very little knowledge of electronics and it would be really great if anyone might be available for this job. Or if you know someone else who might be interested in making a little bit of cash, or just generally interested in this kind of projects, please send them my way. My contact info is as below. Thank you so much. Steven e. m. 07515 8080 36

Wireless Hack for Smart Phone - Building a prototype

@ ioWorld ( we develop really simple, really useful tech...

I'm currently working on a project requiring a hardware hack that's outside the scope of my own capabilities; I want to create a wireless fob that a smart phone (Android, to start with) can detect at approx. 100cm. Any protocol (inc. Bluetooth) will be ok for the POC/prototype but there is a strong commercial application for this tech, so ultimately a low-power protocol will be preferable. There has been a useful tech discussion thread on the hackspace groups channel entitled "Wireless Hack for Smart Phone" which you may want to take a look at first. This link may also offer some further background:

Interested? Want to find out more? Get in touch ASAP:

Makerbot prints for shoe soles?

I'm wondering if makerbot materials would be suitable for shoe making and, if so, I'd need help making the 3D files, printing etc. I'm not techy (though I do understand, having analysed circuit diagrams when writing handbooks for helicopters, way back in my distant past - component electronics no less) but I know loads about comms, web design etc and could help with front end, text, editing, design etc. And good contacts.

If you could help please let me know.

Hacking Symbian S60 3rd

I'm interested to sort by default the Notes in the built-in application alphabetically and save them on the memory card, they are sorted by date and saved in phone memory. It may be easier to clone the application. I can offer beer in exchange because I can't invest too much in a 5 years old phone, and I'm not employed at the moment. I also offer free haircuts if interested. email Nic

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