Not Just Arduino Event 1

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Not Just Arduino

Report on the 1st group event at Hackspace 19 participants


1- What kind of user group do we need?

A) Speaker (Top Down) B) Spring of Code Model (Horiszontal Model) C) All projects worked on at same time at same place at a regular place - guest speaker say once a month)

2 - Training / workshop discussion List of training will be decided organically in the next events. Format of training (length, costs, venue, dates...) which board? training for begginers (volunteers?) training for geeks

Training will be detrmined by the needs of the user group meetings

Create List with needs and what people can put in i.e mentors Mentor to identify them selves to be avilibile to be approached Information to be centralised on Wiki and Mailing list to be only tools

There will be members of our group that are able to offer mentoring skills. Some kind of repayment may be required (travel, beers), as a community we look after eachother anyway - we know this. We need to be able to provide a mentor during sessions to help those who have difficulty getting off the ground - without tieing the mentors up too much - so I suggest beginners learn to help eachother. It was mentioned member pages to store projects, to source help and document what they have done/learned.

List of absolute beginners without prior programming experience.

Dario's an absolute failure at programming but is not afraid to try - expect possible sparks Dario's projects list: build a simple ethernet driven relay (2x) - I will be following some guidance I just found on an Instructable and anyone wanting to join in is welcome, we will learn the basics as we go along With basic electronic-circuit training (printing, etching, soldering), would eventually like to build a Nanode

List of absolute beginners without prior microcontroller experience (but has programmed)

Members who feel that they can mentor to at least an intermediate level (with some basic electronics knowledge such as H-bridge etc.) TheHypnotist - Morris

one central repo of information regarding everything within our group - clear - if it is not documented directly it does not exist - think of mirroring. `

3 - Skills available in the group (add your own skills here, please don't be modest)

Which gear / equipment Electonics Other

4 - Social media tools for the group Using Hackspace wiki as main documentation tool and Google group as conversation.

5 - Format of meetings

Next Meeting Decided by doodle sent by Marc to the group