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Not Just Arduino 7th October

We're celebrating the one year anniversary of the Not Just Arduino group!



  • London Zombie day 12th Oct dress up, stagger about then music and drinking
  • Ada Lovelace Day Imperial college, 7pm 15thOctober. Tickets reduced to £10 with three letter lower case discount code that was sent to people on the ORG announcements mailing list.
  • UCL Engineering Pecha Kucha UCL, 21st October, 18.00-19.30 4 researchers from UCL Engineering explain their work in 400second format. This month, brainhacking, global consumption, space density multiplexing for broader broadband, and uses of fluidization studies. Free booze.
  • TV hackfest 22nd of October. Apps for TVs.
  • RISC OS Show 26th October.
  • Mozilla festival 25-27October.

An annual read/write festival for learning and making the open web. 25-27 October at Ravensbourne College

Want to know your additive manufacturing from your 3D printing, and find out how the 'new industrial revolution' will impact your life? Or just want to understand more about how the things around you are made? Then visit The Future is Here exhibition till 29th Oct

Arduino Robots

  • Presentation: Slides from Michael Margolis’ presentation at recent Arduino event at Google Campus: [1](pictures here).

Michael mentioned these links during his talk:

  • Links on how to build robots

Communities: Let’s make robots!

Society of Robots

Instructable / how to: “ Your first Arduino Robot”

Building an Arduino Robot

Parts & kits: Active Robots Robot Market Place Robot by Arduino

Interesting projects

Smart technology meets brewing. Now anyone can brew high quality craft beers using their smartphone. Using Arduino allowed us to rapidly prototype and iterate on different methods and configurations of software and hardware, giving us flexibility to focus on building Brewbot, and automating the brewing process. Arduino is a well-proven electronic prototyping platform and we were able to leverage the vast community and resources that it offers.

“OpenXC is an API to your car – by installing a small hardware module to read and translate metrics from a car’s internal network, the data becomes accessible from most Android applications using the OpenXC library

GB LED control with an Arduino, and an Infinity Mirror. It's an RGB LED infinity mirror that lets you toggle between an adjustable-speed color-fade mode and a direct-control mode where you individually set the red, green, and blue LED brightness levels.

Espruino is a small computer that anyone can use to control things around them. Its JavaScript interpreter gives you instant feedback so that you can experiment and develop whatever your level of experience.


From Luis:

Both look great, but it looks like a "war" between RaspberryPi (broadcom) - Arduino (intell) - Arduino (TI)

Starting with Arduino

Here some examples:

NJA Community

  • Join us on Github: Not Just Arduino to centralise documentation about all NJA projects. For some reason on GitHub all users can't request to join a group but have to be added by a owner, so please send us your username! Then you'll be able to add your repos and code! Tell us if you need help.
  • Lear how to use this wiki! If you need help ask Marc. Documentation is available here.
  • Document your project! Here is a good example
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  • And don't forget our mailing list: Not Just Arduino

Next event

Hope to see you all on Monday 7th October 7PM