Not Just Arduino Event 8

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From the NJA Google group

As not all of us are following this list yet (here is the link), here are some pending questions which could use your expertise or might simply interest you:

Ideas for future workshops or short presentations

List here your ideas for future trainings. It can also be simply a presentation of your project or a short talk on a specific topic.

Possible workshop by Michael Margolis, author of the Arduino's cookbook (waiting for more details and for his availability, will update the group asap)

We'll be voting for the best contribution in one month (in 2 meetings time), so please publish your design before the 25th of February.

In total we have now received 5 logos (2 by Perry, 2 by Ian, 1 by mentar), other members said they were interested in creating their own designs.

Member's projects

It's been a while since we all listed our projects. If you have udpates on what you're working on, please add the details here.

  • Group project LED notification board Sue and Marc have played with Solexious's code and got it to work with the matrix displays (the code is pre-1.0 IDE) - Next step will be to plug it to the network and play with settings.

Interesting links


As always please add here any comments and suggestions.

Next event

Monday 11th Feb 2013 at LHS