OccupyWireless/ceedtec ppc26.cfg

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;bdiGDB configuration file for Sandpoint 8240 evaluation system
; init core register
; init core register
WREG    MSR             0x00000000      ;clear MSR

; begin fast memory config
WM32    0xFEC00000      0x80000080      ;select MSAR1
WM32    0xFEE00000      0x00204060      ;
WM32    0xFEC00000      0x84000080      ;select MSAR2
WM32    0xFEE00000      0x80a0c0e0      ;
WM32    0xFEC00000      0x90000080      ;select MEAR1
WM32    0xFEE00000      0x1f3f5f7f      ;
WM32    0xFEC00000      0x94000080      ;select MEAR2
WM32    0xFEE00000      0x9fbfdfff      ;
WM32    0xFEC00000      0xa0000080      ;select MBEN
WM8     0xFEE00000      0x03            ;
WM32    0xFEC00000      0xa0000080      ;select MPM (PGMAX)
WM8     0xFEE00003      0x15         ;
WM32    0xFEC00000      0xf0000080      ;select MCCR1
WM32    0xFEE00000      0x00006088      ;do not set MEMGO
WM32    0xFEC00000      0xf4000080      ;select MCCR2
WM32    0xFEE00000      0xe00f0000      ;
WM32    0xFEC00000      0xf8000080      ;select MCCR3
WM32    0xFEE00000      0x000000c4      ;
WM32    0xFEC00000      0xfc000080      ;select MCCR4
WM32    0xFEE00000      0x2133b023      ; Enable EXT_ROM
WM32    0xFEC00000      0x76000080      ;select MIOCR1
WM8     0xFEE00000      0x04		;Enable DLL_MAX_DELAY
WM32    0xFEC00000      0xf0000080      ;select MCCR1
WM32    0xFEE00000      0x00006888      ;now set MEMGO
WM32    0xFEC00000      0x78000080      ;select EUMBBAR
WM32    0xFEE00000      0x000000fc      ;Embedded utility memory block at 0xFC000000
; end fast memory config

WM32    0xFEC00000      0x78000080      ;select EUMBBAR
WM32    0xFEE00000      0x000000fc      ;Embedded utility memory block at 0xFC000000
; end slow memory config

WM32    0xFEC00000      0xa8000080      ;select PICR1
WM32    0xFEE00000      0x901014ff      ;enable flash write (Flash on processor bus)
;  Added to use the high drive strength for the memory selects & addressing
;WM32    0xFEC00000      0x70000080      ; select ODCR
;WM8     0xFEE00003      0xff            ; high drive for everything
;  Added to toggle the DLL_RESET bit
WM32    0xFEC00000      0xe0000080      ; select AMBOR
WM8     0xFEE00000      0xe0            ; DLL_RESET on
WM32    0xFEC00000      0xe0000080      ; select AMBOR
WM8     0xFEE00000      0xc0            ; DLL_RESET off
; define maximal transfer size
TSZ4    0xFF800000     0xFFFFFFFF      ;ROM space (only for Local bus flash)

CPUTYPE     8240 32BIT ;the CPU type (603EV,750,8240,8260)
JTAGCLOCK   0           ;use 16 MHz JTAG clock
BDIMODE     AGENT     	;the BDI working mode (LOADONLY | AGENT | GATEWAY)
BREAKMODE   HARD      	;SOFT or HARD, HARD uses PPC hardware breakpoint
MMU XLAT		;linux kernel MMU translation
DCACHE      NOFLUSH	;data cache flushing (FLUSH | NOFLUSH)
PTBASE      0x000000f0  ;Use kernel with MMU support

FILE        /umbra/ppcboot
LOAD        MANUAL      ;load code MANUAL or AUTO after reset

; Am29LV800BB on local processor bus (RCS0)
; set PPMC8240 switch SW2-1 OFF => ROM on Local bus
; enable flash write in PICR1 (see INIT part)
; set maximal transfer size to 4 bytes (see INIT part)
CHIPTYPE    AM29BX8     ;Flash type (AM29F | AM29BX8 | AM29BX16 | I28BX8 | I28BX16)
CHIPSIZE    0x800000    ;The size of one flash chip in bytes (e.g. Am29LV800BB = 0x100000)
BUSWIDTH    8           ;The width of the flash memory bus in bits (8 | 16 | 32 | 64)
WORKSPACE   0x00020000  ;workspace in SDRAM

;;Enable this to flash ppcboot 
FORMAT	    BIN  0xfff00000	;Image format
FILE        /umbra/ppcboot  ;The file to program
;End of ppcboot section

;;Enable this to flash the kernel image
FORMAT	    BIN  0xff810000	;Image format
FILE        /umbra/zImage  ;The file to program
;;End of kernel-ramdisk section

;;Enable this to flash the ramdisk image
FORMAT	    BIN  0xff940000	;Image format
FILE        /umbra/ramdisk  ;The file to program
;;End of kernel-ramdisk section

ERASE       0xFF940000  
ERASE       0xFF950000  
ERASE       0xFF960000  
ERASE       0xFF970000  
ERASE       0xFF980000  
ERASE       0xFF990000  
ERASE       0xFF9a0000  
ERASE       0xFF9b0000  
ERASE       0xFF9c0000  
ERASE       0xFF9d0000  
ERASE       0xFF9e0000  
ERASE       0xFF9f0000  
ERASE       0xFFa00000  
ERASE       0xFFa10000  
ERASE       0xFFa20000  
ERASE       0xFFa30000  
ERASE       0xFFa40000  
ERASE       0xFFa50000  
ERASE       0xFFa60000  
ERASE       0xFFa70000  
ERASE       0xFFa80000  
ERASE       0xFFa90000  
ERASE       0xFFaa0000  
ERASE       0xFFab0000  
ERASE       0xFFac0000  
ERASE       0xFFad0000  
ERASE       0xFFae0000  
ERASE       0xFFaf0000  
ERASE       0xFFb00000  
ERASE       0xFFb10000  
ERASE       0xFFb20000  
ERASE       0xFFb30000  
ERASE       0xFFb40000  
ERASE       0xFFb50000  
ERASE       0xFFb60000  
ERASE       0xFFb70000  
ERASE       0xFFb80000  
ERASE       0xFFb90000  
ERASE       0xFFba0000  
ERASE       0xFFbb0000  
ERASE       0xFFbc0000  
ERASE       0xFFbd0000  
ERASE       0xFFbe0000  
ERASE       0xFFbf0000  
ERASE       0xFFc00000  
ERASE       0xFFc10000  
ERASE       0xFFc20000  
ERASE       0xFFc30000  
ERASE       0xFFc40000  
ERASE       0xFFc50000  
ERASE       0xFFc60000  
ERASE       0xFFc70000  
ERASE       0xFFc80000  
ERASE       0xFFc90000  
ERASE       0xFFca0000  
ERASE       0xFFcb0000  
ERASE       0xFFcc0000  
ERASE       0xFFcd0000  
ERASE       0xFFce0000  
ERASE       0xFFcf0000  
ERASE       0xFFd00000  
ERASE       0xFFd10000  
ERASE       0xFFd20000  
ERASE       0xFFd30000  
ERASE       0xFFd40000  
ERASE       0xFFd50000  
ERASE       0xFFd60000  
ERASE       0xFFd70000  
ERASE       0xFFd80000  
ERASE       0xFFd90000  
ERASE       0xFFda0000  
ERASE       0xFFdb0000  
ERASE       0xFFdc0000  
ERASE       0xFFdd0000  
ERASE       0xFFde0000  
ERASE       0xFFdf0000  
ERASE       0xFFe00000  
ERASE       0xFFe10000  
ERASE       0xFFe20000  
ERASE       0xFFe30000
ERASE       0xFFe40000  
ERASE       0xFFe50000  
ERASE       0xFFe60000  
ERASE       0xFFe70000  
ERASE       0xFFe80000  
ERASE       0xFFe90000  
ERASE       0xFFea0000  
ERASE       0xFFeb0000  
ERASE       0xFFec0000  
ERASE       0xFFed0000 
ERASE       0xFFee0000  
ERASE       0xFFef0000  

DMM1        0xFC000000                  ;Embedded utility memory base address
IMM1        0xFEC00000  0xFEE00000      ;configuration registers at byte offset 0
IMM2        0xFEC00000  0xFEE00001      ;configuration registers at byte offset 1
IMM3        0xFEC00000  0xFEE00002      ;configuration registers at byte offset 2
IMM4        0xFEC00000  0xFEE00003      ;configuration registers at byte offset 3
FILE        /bdi/reg8240.def