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It's random. It's non-alphabetical. It's not an index. Tell the world about your favourite London Hackspace secrets.

One Hundred Things You Didn’t Know About London Hackspace

Secret supplies

Under the sink in the main room, near the fridge, are all sorts of cleaning supplies. The most valued of hackspace members sometimes use these to clean the sink, tables, toilets etc. and make the space clean and hygienic for the rest of us.

New pages

A list of pages as they're created can be found on the New pages page (who'd have thunk?)


If you have anything you no longer want, list it here, either for free, swap or sale. You can also list the things you want.

Members' photos

Embarassing mug-shots of our members. Why isn't yours there?

Orphaned wiki Pages

Nothing links to them so they're ultra-secret. At least they were until now.

Lost property

The space has a lost property bin that not many people seem to know about. Contains a few memory cards and things. All sorts of stuff may get chucked in there when a major tidy up happens. (I haven't been able to find it since the shelves were rearranged, someone must know...). We also have a Lost and found page.

Adaptors, chargers and cables

There is (or was) a mains adaptor to allow a continental plug to be connected to a british socket. This has been handy for overseas visitors who want to plug in their laptops. Could have been left anywhere in the space. (currently there is one in the 'lighting' bin by the doorway to hanger 23). There is an old style nokia charger that normally lives on the window sill behind the soldering bench. (As well as nokia phones it charges the little frequency counter). There are a _few_ standard USB leads in the bottom wire basket by the door of hanger 23.


Not all the wired ethernet ports by the tables are patched and they aren't marked, if an LED next to the ethernet port on your laptop does not light up when you plug the cable in try a different port.


We may have a geo-cache hidden in the space.


Members and visitors to the space consume over a quarter of a tonne of pizza per year at our tuesday public open days. That's equivalent to the weight of 1000 stoats.

We're everywhere

London Hackspace is part of a worldwide network. If you're away from home, visit a local Hackspace (and send our best wishes). If you're at home, get involved in the worldwide network.


We have graphs covering everything from the number of people in the space to the per-phase voltage of the power coming in. "If it moves, graph it."


All the code for our website and systems can be found on Github. Send us a pull request!