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The Hackspace Foundation 2011 Annual General Meeting will be held on the evening of Wednesday the 27th of July at 8pm. The venue is the Trampery on Bevenden Street. It should last less than an hour.


The meeting is open to paid-up members only, and your membership status will be checked on entry. We'll probably go to the pub afterwards - which non-members are welcome to attend - but we're not going to make it a big thing.


If anyone is likely to have an issue with any of the items on this agenda, we would strongly advise you to get in contact with Russ or another director beforehand.

Resolution 1: Special Resolution on change of company name

That the name of the company be changed to London Hackspace Ltd.

We propose to change the name from Hackspace Foundation to London Hackspace Ltd. in order to:

  • Clarify that this company is primarily involved in the running of the London Hackspace
  • Resolve the confusion which sometimes arises from us not having the word "limited" in our name

Resolution 2: Transfer of UK Hackerspaces assets

  1. That the directors are authorised to create a new organisation for the benefit of all UK hackerspaces.
  2. That any assets held by the company for the benefit of all UK hackerspaces be transferred to the above organisation.

We currently hold some assets which are for the benefit of all UK hackerspaces. (This includes around £500 in cash, and the domain.) We'd like to formalise the plan to transfer these to a new entity which can administer them and other funds, to remove any conflict of interest that London Hackspace has in holding them.

Resolution 3: Special resolution on adoption of the new constitution

That the new Articles of Association be adopted.

We will be voting on adopting new Articles of Association which will make it possible to register the London Hackspace as a charity. It will also be greatly modernised and include the first stage of the transition to One Click Orgs.

The final version of the new Articles is available to read here. We haven't had time to integrate the changes to the directors' election process, so we'll do that another time.

Resolution 4: Election of directors

That an electronic election be carried out for directors using the Meek STV voting method with a "none of the above" candidate, and that the whole membership be eligible to vote. The voting period shall be 7 days, and the quorum shall be 33% of the membership (rounded down).

The candidates are:

  • Jonty Wareing (existing director retiring and standing for re-election)
  • Alex Smith (existing director retiring and standing for re-election)
  • Martin Dittus (nominated by Amran Anjum)
  • Mark Steward (nominated by Russ Garrett)
  • Philip Roy (nominated by Robert Leverington)

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