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The 2012 trustees election will be held in December 2012. There will be four slots available for election to the board, assuming the resolution to increase the size of the board passes.


If you're thinking of nominating yourself as a candidate, please read the Trustees wiki page first.

In order to stand for election, you must be nominated by another paid-up member:

  1. The person nominating you should email, with their name and your name, from the email address associated with their London Hackspace membership account.
  2. You should email with your name, from the email address associated with your London Hackspace membership account.

All nominations must be received by midnight on Sunday 2nd December.


Candidates can provide a short blurb at Organisation/2012_Trustees_Election/Candidates. Some of them may additionally have a member page.

The full list of candidates:

  • Charles Yarnold (solexious) (retiring by rotation)
  • Tim Reynolds (CaptainTerrible) (nominated by Rys Sommefeldt)
  • Aden Bos (aden) (nominated by Heather Sullivan)
  • Samuel Keating-Fry (datagramm) (nominated by Heather Sullivan)
  • Dave Ingram (dmi) (nominated by Heather Sullivan)
  • Jasper Wallace (jasperw) (nominated by Tim Reynolds)
  • Matt Peperell (mattp) (nominated by Philip Roy)
  • Marc Barto (marc-htm) (nominated by Martin Dittus)
  • Thomas Greer (tgreer) (nominated by Jon Fautley)
  • Kitty Wong (Maow) (nominated by Heather Sullivan)
  • Morag Hickman (Errant) (nominated by Heather Sullivan)
  • Paddy Duncan (paddyd) (nominated by Adrian Godwin)
  • Clare Greenhalgh (Nokomis) (nominated by Paddy Duncan)
  • Nick Large (vetraskr) (nominated by George Buckenham)


  • Sunday 2nd December, 23:59: Nominations close
  • Wednesday 5th December: AGM held, election method approved
  • Thursday 6th December: Election starts
  • Thursday 20th December, 23:59: Election ends