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The 2014 trustees election was held in December 2014. There were five slots available for election to the board of trustees, with three Trustees standing down by rotation and two resigning outside of the rotation schedule.


The candidates were:

  • Martin Clarke
  • Sam Cook
  • Thomas Greer
  • Matthew Israelsohn
  • Nick Large
  • Ruben Martin
  • Eugene Nadyrshin
  • Lucia Naidu
  • Blanca Regina
  • Tim Reynolds
  • Philip Roy
  • Henry Sands
  • Ryan Sayre
  • David Sullivan
  • Samantha Thompson
  • Jonty Wareing
  • Tom Wyatt

More details here: Candidates


  • Wednesday December 10th, 2014: Hackspace AGM
  • 18:00 Friday December 12th, 2014: Election starts
  • 21:00 Monday December 29th, 2014: Election ends


There were 300 votes (299 valid votes, 1 invalid vote).

The following new trustees were elected:

  • Matthew Israelsohn
  • Eugene Nadyrshin
  • Lucia Naidu
  • Samantha Thompson
  • Jonty Wareing (re-elected)

The results calculation for the election can be found here:

The full ballot data can be found here:

Additional analysis can be found here: Breakdown of Position Breakdown of aggregates