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The 2015 trustees election will be held in November 2015. There will be four slots available for election to the board. The election will start on Sunday November 15th.


Nominations are now closed. The candidates are:

  • Timour Chomilier (seconded by Dan Reid)
  • Martin Clarke (seconded by Eugene Nadyrshin)
  • Paddy Duncan (existing trustee, retiring by rotation)
  • Dean Forbes (seconded by Tom Hodder)
  • Tom Hodder (seconded by Stephen Lavelle)
  • Fabio Pironti (seconded by Karl Degener)
  • Blanca Regina (seconded by Jonty Wareing)
  • Philip Roy (seconded by Paddy Duncan)
  • Henry Sands (seconded by Charles Yarnold)
  • Andy Tidman (seconded by Tom Hodder)
  • Simon Vans-Colina (seconded by Anthony Mann)
  • Charles Yarnold (existing trustee, retiring by rotation)


  • Sunday 8th November, 23:59: Nominations close
  • Sunday 15th November: Election starts
  • Sunday 29th November, 21:00: Election ends