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Sevan Janiyan


Vote for me & your wildest dreams will come true.

Mat Stace


Hi, I'm still Mat, and I still play with radios, and still pop in to the main space when I've remembered enough change for a bottle of Mate.

Standing for trustee in 2016 was a daunting prospect, but it has nothing on this year; to make no bones about it, I expect this to be a tough few months, but I'm willing to give it my best, and do what I can to try and ensure that the space continues after March 2018.

Jose Vidal


Jose Vidal (crom)

Engineer, continuous learner and a gamer. I am a learning junkie and an enthusiastic hacker: mechanical, programming and electronic stuff.

I'm currently playing with TI microcontollers using direct register access model to make my own implementation of Space Invaders in C99 for the ARM-Cortex-M4F TM4C123 I organized a Robotics/microprocessor course group studying "EDX: Embedded Systems - Shape The World" and have been involved in various infrastructure projects over the years.

I have been a member since 2011 and have seen a lot of changes, a lot of excellent people doing excellent things and more than a little bit of drama!

I would like to take a more active part in our community so I offer my service here.

Guess what? You don't have many options:

a) Vote for anyone you like

B) Become a candidate

C) Complain about things and do nothing about it

Vote because you can!,


Lex Robinson


I live a couple of roads away from the current space, am quite an active member and I am belligerent as hell.

I will get stuff done.

Samantha Thompson

Professionally I come from a biotech background although these days I work in software and infrastructure development. Over the last three years I've had the honour of being a trustee of the Hackspace, I'm standing for reelection because I'd like to continue to help to steer the space in a positive direction. I believe that we need to focus on a few main areas:

- We of course need to explore a range of potential new locations and plan for a number of contingencies based on what is truly available.

- We must continue to support competent and knowledgeable maintainers and subgroup organisers who are given reasonable autonomy and are essential to keep the space functioning and alive.

- Over the last couple of years I believe we've become tougher but fairer on people who flout the rules and/or disrespect the equipment or community spirit, but I believe the further work is required, possibly a reboot or rethink that allows us to sustain a creative, technical and sociable community.

There is a lot of uncertainty in the near future but we also have a lot of things in our favour: A great community of people with huge collective experience. Accumulated assets that will help us manifest our future wherever we go. A group of like minded trustees that I feel share a similar vision.

Paddy Duncan


I have been a Hackspace member for 6 years and a Trustee for 5 of them, I am the current Chairman of the Board as well as being involved in many other aspects of the running of the space including lasercutter and infrastructure maintenance etc..
The London Hackspace is currently, due to the imminent move, entering a potentially very difficult period where I believe the Directorship needs to be very proactive and on the ball. We are also suffering from some particular issues due to our size which require some imaginative solutions.
I am happy to stay on to help with the ongoing essential work necessary to ensure a successful transition and beyond.