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John Michael Cullen


After being appointed as an interim trustee earlier this year, I have been quite heavily involved in a mixture of infrastructure tasks and dealing with member issues, as well as working through the details of the move downstairs.

We are now in a much better position financially than we were, however we still need to keep working to recruit new members, and make the best use of the space we have. This could actually be an opportunity for us to become a more social space, since we will all be that bit closer together.

I really enjoy seeing the projects people make - and for me, the dafter the better! I feel like we lost some of that for a while, but I think it’s slowly starting to come back. I want to encourage this in any way I can. If that means I need to run a workshop on the topic of using custard as an antenna material, so be it!

Another thing I’ve been working on recently that most people probably aren’t aware of is migrating our membership system away from an occasionally unreliable bank scraper towards direct debits handled by GoCardless. This gives us lots of possibilities in the future including potentially cashless tool payments and maybe even speeding up and streamlining the process of becoming a member.

We still have some problems, however I think we have made some good progress recently.

If you have any questions, I’m around most Tuesday evenings, and often other times as well.

Philip Alexander Roy


Having served two terms previously, I have a good working knowledge of the administrative and social responsibilities involved. I would be happy to continue to help conduct the Hackspace into the future.