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Aidas Baltušis

Aidas Baltusis.jpg

I have been an active member of the LHS since September 2020. During this time, I have mainly focused on working in the woodshop.
Since then, I have greatly improved my woodworking skills and put lots of effort into improving the space for everyone.
Since then, with the help of other members, I have worked on organising the project storage area, scrap wood pile, I have made a mini router table for everyone to use.
Moving forward, I have plans to further improve the woodshop by making multiple sleds for the table saw and further organise the space.
Together with Dean and other members, we have been making plans to run training classes/workshop next year to attract new members and generate some income to the space.
As a maintainer for the Sedgwick table saw, I plan to start running induction sessions on it soon, teaching others how to use the tool safely and with respect.
I believe I would be a suitable candidate for the LHS trustee because I am actively engaged in the space and can offer new perspective moving forward.

Jonathan Hodgson


I have a degree in Electronics Engineering and work as an independent Software Engineer, but I joined the space so as to do some more manual work (motivated in large part by my interest in upgrading and building guitars and similar instruments) and to meet like-minded people.
I was initially mostly focused in the metal shop learning to use the Colchester lathe and then the mill, working on my own projects and also helping out with the shop in general.
More recently I have been more focused on the woodshop, I identified a number of things that could be improved, organized tool storage, started a pledge for hand sharpening accessories and created the sharpening station, spent a great deal of time sharpening chisels and woodturning tools, and drove the acquisition of the general use woodworking planes.
Noting that wood storage was basically an unusable pile and project storage was a mess with poorly marked and sometimes abandoned projects dotted around the shop I formulated a plan and with the help of other members set up the wood rack and project storage.
Along the way I developed an interest in the wood lathe, cleaning it up, creating tool racks, sharpening tools, etc, and becoming the maintainer. I started turning pens and some smaller items such as bottle stoppers and a number of friends and family have received them as gifts. I hope to be able to run workshops on turning pens and other items next year.

Arthur Tinsley


Having joined the Hackspace in late 2019, the majority of my membership time has been spent unable to physically attend due to the sadly still in progress situation.
However since being able to make use of the space more freely, I have found myself using the facilities more and more, and I would like to be able to give back to the community.
Especially with the upcoming re-location, we will need all the help we can get. I am already involved with the network infrastructure and ACnode systems and am keen to ensure these core systems transition to the new location smoothly.
My day job involves large amounts of project management, problem solving and working with others outside of my immediate team to achieve a common goal.
I am very much used to working as part of a team and look forward to working alongside the other Trustees, should I be elected.

Philip Roy

Philip Roy.jpg

Having served three terms previously, I have a good working knowledge of the administrative and social responsibilities involved.
With a probable move to alternative premises looming and the practical and organisational issues that this entails, I feel that I would be able to use my experience of our previous relocation to good effect.
Wherever we finally find ourselves I would be happy to continue to help conduct the Hackspace into the future.

Claude Cochet


LHS is an amazing place, with more machines that one can dream of, and an equally diverse community of skills.
Where else can you discuss RFID protocols used to authenticate members with their Oyster cards ? Let yourself be convinced that laser cutters are the best invention to cut wood ?
And then, discover that some members are happy with just their hand and a properly sharpened blade ?
Where can you find a knitting machine, a 2 tons lathe, and an improbable SMT pick and place machine. As for any thriving communities, there are challenges to keep running such a space.
And some frustrations for not getting full access to all equipment, while at the same time wishing everybody was better educated (more considerate) to properly use them.
Perfect hackspaces does not grow on 3D printers. But we're surely lucky to have such a great hackspace.
I'm happy to commit some time for. I'd be keen to endorse a share of the trustees responsibility to keep this place running.
Declaration of conflict of interest : I'm a new dad so other standing members might be better suited to stand for this challenging year.