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Visited / Past Events

In London

  • London Model Engineering Exhibition 21-23 January 2011. For those interested in the engineering side of things. A good place to pick up tools, parts, and materials. Usually focused on steam, rockets, indoor flying, and exceptionally detailed models built from scratch.
  • Kinetica Art Fair 4-6 February 2011
  • Sterling engines at Kew steam museum Sunday March 27th. This was a nice afternoon out. There were lots of working home made sterling engines being shown off by their creators. Some of the museums steam engines were running including one of the pumps that used to supply water to west london, impressive just by sheer size and better when it's running. Museum is best visited when the machines are running or when there is something else on. There is a decent free house in between Kew Bridge station and the museum to idle away the time until the next train.


In Europe

Non-geographic / virtual / broadcast