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To see the canonical guide on how to etch PCBs at the LHS go to this page: Pcb etching instructions

Note : see PCB for other references

Under development by dsikar.

Aiming to offer a maiden session 1 in early December or whenever it's ready.

If there are specific topics you would like to learn about, feel free to add them. If you use Eagle and fancy running the workshop yourself or joining in, feel free to hijack and/or add topics.

Session 1

Getting to know the package, what's available and productivity hints.

This session is all about becoming a command line and mouse ninja. Like martial arts, we will improve technique through repetition.

Eagle CAD is a very popular package, and like CAD before it, quirky. It is not exactly intuitive, but once you learn the Eagle way, you will be able to lay out schematics and boards quickly.

The Package

  • Control Panel
  • Schematic Editor
  • Layout Editor


  • Using the command line
  • Grids
  • Adding parts
  • Placement
  • Wiring
  • Copying between schematics

Session 2

This session is about laying out your schematic on a board. This brings a wealth of practical knowledge, specially if you build the board afterwards.

PCB layout

  • Autorouting
  • Double sided designs
  • Vias
  • Understanding layers
  • Printing single and double sided designs

Session 3

This session is about creating our own devices. It consists of working from a data sheet to create a symbol, package and device.

Device libraries

  • Designing your own parts
  • Creating symbols, packages and devices
  • Copying devices between libraries