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Daniel Sikar aka dsikar

Projects I'm working on

PCB Making- Ongoing and expanding notes on the PCB making process.

Roadmap: double-sided boards, vias, SMD, laser cut pcb stencils, silk screen layer, solder mask.

DIY_Hazardous_Disposal - Ongoing chemical hacking.

Roadmap: process first batch of spent ferric chloride solution.

YAAC - Yet Another Arduino Clone.

Roadmap: Hook up 24 bit AD converter to Yaac.

UACs - Unashamed Arduino Clones.

Roadmap: copy the lot, shields included, after becoming enlightened in all things PCB.

#HPAMaker's RepRap - 3d printer.

Roadmap: build compact electronic part then clone from scavenged scanner bits.

PCB Design with Eagle CAD - Content for a PCB Design course to be delivered at the LHS.

Roadmap: Integrate with PCB making for the end-to-end PCB making experience.

Projects I plan to work on

Manufacturing a Hackspace branded Arduino and Arduino shields.

Running embedded software workshops.

Building a modular IC library - chips for everything, that can be thrown together quickly.

Building an SMD oven.

Getting into CNC big time.

Learning how to use everything in the dirty room.

Improving my SketchUp skills.

Projects for the next world

Cycling around the world.

Learning how to fly.

Learning how to sail.


  • Study the kinect open source drivers
  • Featured project write-up on the wiki every other week
  • Featured hacker write-up on the wiki every other week
  • Develop "sticky" workshops, informal weekly drop-in, two-hour sessions on technologies I am currently working on and enjoy i.e. protocol sniffing with the Bus Pirate.