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This page is used to track training sessions for the PCB etch station and UV Exposure Box

Don't create training sessions yourself, they are announced on the mailing list when posted.

Details on training can be found at PCB Etch Training.

Signup for training sessions here.


Training will include;

  • Cutting the board
  • Exposing it to UV using a transparancy
  • Stripping the exposed photoresist
  • Etching the board
  • Identifying errors
  • Tidying up afterwards

Training notes

Calum's demo used MICROTRAK single sided boards, in 35um copper thickness, 1.6mm thick board. You can buy them here: http://www.megauk.com/pcb_laminates.php though I think they have a minimum order, rapid electronics also sells them. Exposure to the UV light was for 6 minutes with an acetate sheet printed at any random shop. Developing and etch times will vary depending on temp and some other factors - but 2.5 minutes for developing is a decent place to start, and 10-20 minutes for etching. Traces less than 10mils in width (and also traces with less than 10 mils between them) will need careful judging of exposure/development/etch times.

Upcoming sessions

11.00 (am) Sunday 8th October (this session includes surface mount soldering tuition)

  • Insert NAME + Hackspace member no
  • 1 David Dorward 1950
  • 2 Marc Barto HS00896
  • 3 Michele Panegrossi HS06681

Previous sessions

18:00 Wednesday 7th June 2017

  • Insert NAME + Hackspace member no
  • 1 Stephen O'Brien HS06616
  • 2 adellelin - nycresistor
  • 3 matt pinner - crashspace
  • 4 aleks - HS06373 (running ten minutes late)
  • 5
  • 6

18:30 Wednesday 15th February 2017

  • Insert NAME + Hackspace member no
  • 1 Michele Panegrossi HS06681
  • 2 John Kavanagh HS08921
  • 3 Mike Rowlings HS00230
  • 4 Alexander Baxevanis HS02704
  • 5 Gavin Andrews HS08917

Previous sessions

18:30 Tuesday 24th January 2017

  • Insert NAME + Hackspace member no
  • 1 Trevor Daniel
  • 2 Maheemal K.B.- HS06983
  • 3 Tomas Pokorny - HS09776
  • 4 Paul Lessing - HS04864