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We have various phones dotted around the Hackspace. Feel free to use and interact with the phones. Usage is documented below.

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Internal Extensions

You can dial any of the extensions from another extension in the Hackspace. Just dial the extension number.

Extension Number Location Model MAC Address Additional Information
6011 Ground floor Metal Workshop Cisco 7941 00:07:0E:6D:74:51 Cisco 79XX Series VoIP Phones
6012 Ground floor Wood Workshop Cisco 7941 00:21:55:03:D3:EF Cisco 79XX Series VoIP Phones
6013 Ground floor 3D Printing Cisco 7942 3C:CE:73:AC:D2:29 Cisco 79XX Series VoIP Phones
6014 Ground Floor Modelling Cisco 7942 3C:CE:73:AC:16:CF Cisco 79XX Series VoIP Phones
6021 Ground Floor Cage GAI-Tronics Commander 00:1C:58:A2:50:0A Outdoor Phones
6022 Ground Floor Car Park GAI-Tronics Titan for Rail 00:1C:58:A2:50:0A Outdoor Phones
6111 1st Floor Kitchen Cisco 7970 00:07:0E:57:06:BE Cisco 79XX Series VoIP Phones
6112 1st Floor Prototyping Cisco 7970 00:1B:D4:32:CF:BD Cisco 79XX Series VoIP Phones
6113 1st Floor Quiet Room Cisco 7942 1C:AA:07:10:E9:2F Cisco 79XX Series VoIP Phones
6114 1st Floor Radio Room Cisco 7942 3C:CE:73:59:C4:C4 Cisco 79XX Series VoIP Phones
6115 1st Floor Electronics Lab Cisco 79XX Series VoIP Phones

Internal Ring Groups

Its all possible to ring a group of extensions simultaneously. Ring groups should be in the format 70XX

Number Ring Group
7000 Ring All
7001 Ring Ground Floor
7002 Ring 1st Floor

N.B. The Car Park phone is not in any ring group, to avoid the general public answering internal calls.

Internal Feature Codes

There are several internal feature codes. These can be dialled from any phone. Hopefully this list will grow in future.

Network Numbers

Network numbers are usually boring numbers that are useful for support or troubleshooting. They usually begin with a 1.

Code Name Description
100 Operator Accesses the same help menu as the external telephone number.
152 Echo Test Echos back all audio. Good for testing phones.
155 Hello World Plays "Hello World" several times and then hangs up.

Special Numbers

Special Numbers are for more advanced features. They start with 77.

Code Name Description
7777 Broadcast / Page Call Allows you to Broadcast your speech around the Hackspace. Listen to the instructions.

Outbound Calls

Outbound calls to chargeable numbers are blocked, however its possible to dial Free and Emergency numbers. See below for details.

Freephone Numbers

Calls to 0800 and 0500 Freephone numbers are permitted.

Emergency Numbers

Outbound calls to the Emergency Services and Single Non-Emergency Numbers such as 101 are supported. However, as with all VoIP systems its strongly recommended that you use a fixed line or mobile phone where available. In the event of an internet or power outage, outbound calls will not work.

Peered Networks

The Hackspace Phone system is peered (connected) with other networks via SIP. If you wish to peer with other networks such as other Hackspaces, contact a maintainer.

When dialling a peered network, enter the required prefix followed by hash, then dial the number you wish to call.

E.G 1001#5470

N.B: Coming Soon


Each of the phones has a Directory Button that looks like a book - pressing it will bring up a menu that lists the various extensions and ring groups so you don't have to remember them.

Close up of function keys


Currently all calls are unencrypted.