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Pizza is a round dough-based snack. It is oft enjoyed in the space with toppings of cheeses and meats.

In Hackspace, none of the pizza goes unused. After the doughey inside is eaten, the crusty outside is then also eaten.

In popular culture

As well as ninja hackers, pizza is known to be the preferred sustenance for ninja turtles.

Ordering pizza from the London Hackspace

Recommended Venues

These venues played a part in the pizza tasting event held at the hackspace in order of tastiness. Results of the taste testing below.


Papa John's


These places weren't part of the taste testing but come recommended by members:

Red Planet Pizza

Red Planet Pizza (24-26 Kingsland Road) gives a 2 for 1 discount to the London Hackspace. Order needs to be £60 or more, negotiable. Only takes cash.


Fed the helpers over the painting weekend in the hackspace. Price and quality is roughly the same as Papa John's.

Base Pizza - 460 Kingsland Road, E8 4EA

Italian style pizza. Tasty with good quality, super thin bases & not too greasy. 15" costs £10-12. 18" costs £13-15

Pizza Tasting Results

We recently conducted a pizza tasting event in the Hackney Rd space.

Tastiness rank

  1. Basilico (quote: "fantastic")
  2. Papa John's
  3. Papillon
  4. US Way (quote: "barely eatable")

Value for price rank

  1. Papillon (quote: "really cheap for the level of quality")
  2. Papa John's
  3. Basilico
  4. US Way (quote: "no amount of money is worth this")

Speed of delivery rank

  1. Papa John's (quote: "fastest both times we ordered from them")
  2. Papillon
  3. US Way
  4. Basilico (to be fair, they were all really close in terms of speed)

Cooking Pizza

Today I discovered that it's possible to cook a 2 quid pizza express pizza from tesco in the grilling machine. Just fold it in half, and stick it in at power level 3, then wait until you can smell it from the main lab area. -alecjw

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