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Elektra Beckum bandsaw (for sale)

Certain types of woodwork are best done with a bandsaw. We were lent one (and we've broken a few small ones), but there doesn't seem much enthusiasm to put the loan one into use.

The item

A model shop local to me used to make and sell model kits and had workshop facilities that they're now selling off. This included a number of bandsaws like this one. One has already sold, but this should be available if we act reasonably quickly. It's an Elektra Beckum BAS450WN. Haven't found an online manual yet but it seems to be similar to a BAS317 and has dimensions of

  • Max height of cut 300mm
  • Throat capacity 440mm
  • Saw blade length 3380mm
  • Saw blade width 6-25mm
  • Saw table size 550X600mm

Budget estimation

This is for the saw alone. We might need to add a budget for installations costs (acnode ?) and perhaps some for consumables or even worn parts. The price doesn't include the item on the floor to the right, but that's for sale separately. It's a power feed (not specific to the bandsaw). As I understand it, it's a useful addition to give circular-saw-style grabbing and demolition of users to saws (such as bandsaws) that are not inherently very good at that.

  • £500


  • £15 - Artag
  • £100 - Dean
  • £15 - Laurin
  • £20 - Henry Sands
  • £50 - FrankE
  • £10 - Will
  • £20 - Des

Running total: £230

Approximate target: £500