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We are looking at hiring an adult only bouncey castle for the LHS village at EMF

Pledge leader: Solexious (talk)

The item

Based on funds there are several options available, the largest castle will be booked for the longest time.

Budget estimation

Current best quote is £110 a day with overnight usage.

For every £110 pledged we will get one day of hire.


Bouncy Bouncy Fun Times

Additional information

Please consider this strictly adult only. Don't pledge if you're expecting to allow <18's on the castle.

That said if we get multiple days pledged we could look at opening it for an hour or 2 in the morning while we are all too hungover to bounce. If you would like a children only castle too, contact the kids track :)


Running total: £170

Approximate target: £110 per day (and night)

Any additional pledges less than an extra day will go towards a bigger/better castle.